Remote for 3HP Dust Collector
After nearly falling over several times trying to contort myself to reach the ON/OFF switch I'm thinking of getting a remote for my newly installed 3HP DC. I was going to go with the one from PSI but it says it for DCs up to 2HP.

A quick search showed me THIS one sold by Grizzly

T26674 240V Dust Collection Remote

Any comments about this one or maybe suggestion on another type?
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here are a couple more at grizzly. they are more money. the long ranger has been around for a while. I have been using a shop fox, the 110v version, for 8 or 9 yrs. it has been so long I forget when I bought it. The shop fox has worked perfectly plus you get two remotes. In that time I have had to change the batteries once. Grizzly used to carry the shop fox remote but I couldn't find it. SF does have a 220v version.
The 220V version of the Long Ranger only has a capacity of 2 to 2.5 HP. My DC is 3HP

The other Grizzly Remote you linked to has this note in it's advertisement. "Not available for immediate shipment". So I'm thinking that this may the older version of the one I linked to.

I just Googled "Remote for 3HP Dust Collector" and came across this one:

WoodRiver 220-Volt Dust Collector Remote Control Switch" for $88.99
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Don't you love it when you ask someone what time it is and to prove how smart they are, they tell you how to build a watch?


Can be wired for

220-230V up to 19 amps single phase (up to 3.5 HP)

220-230V - up to 19 amps 3 phase (up to 5HP

440-450V - up to 19 amps 3 phase (up to 7.5 HP

You'll have one that will last your lifetime if you get a 240V contacter, set it up to switch the DC and then switch the contacter with one of those cheap lamp remotes ($10). I built mine for probably less than $40 about 56 years ago. Since that time I've had 2 of the remotes fail (which is what happened to my Long Ranger at 10 years and my Shop fox at 1 year) and I keep a spare on hand. Switch it out and your back in business. The contacters are industrial grade and can be had to power any size motor (mines a 40 amp). They can be had at any industrial supply or from Clear Vue. Then all you need is some wire, a box to hold the contacter, and the switch. If this setup has any downside at all, there needs to be a 120V outlet near wherever the contacter is mounted for the lamp remote. In the pic, you see the gray box behind the DC....that's what I put mine in. You also see the 240V wire running into and out of the gray box (an exterior electrical box) and the small lamp cord underneath for the lamp switch.
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Fred -

I'm sorta in the same boat. My remote for my 2hp Oneida failed (seems like a common fault), so I have just been powering off and on manually via the mag switch. I do miss the remote though. I was seriously considering buying the all-in-one 220V Lone Ranger setup I linked above, but your homebrew remote idea (again) has piqued my interest. Do you have a link to a wiring diagram and parts list somewhere?
IIRC you have the same Reliant DC as I do. I had the same problem but, being cheap, took a different approach. I put a small eye bolt on the switch and attached it to a dowel which comes up and through another larger eye bolt as a guide. No more bending over.
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I made my own about 10 years ago.
+1 on the Long Ranger remote! I've been using one on my Penn State 2 1/2 HP 220V double bagger for >10 years now with no problem whatsoever.

I did the same thing Fred did and have been on the same cheap lamp remote for about three years now. I saved a spring clip from a broken tape measure and screwed it to the back of the remote, so its attached to my shop apron and always handy. Keeps it from being knocked around, too. My D/C has a 5 hp motor and haven't had any problems with the contactor.

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