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Picture Posting for an person - Tuck_TKE - 02-24-2005

Ok, I'm fairly new to the forums, and recently finished a project I was wanting to post pics of in a thread. When I click on "Image", it wants a URL to post the image. This is different from other forums I've posted at, because I could upload pics from my PC to the board. Could someone please explain to me a way to post two pics from my computer to the thread? I know, the FNG can't figure out something simple, sorry, LOL.

Re: Picture Posting for an person - WoodNet Manager - 02-24-2005

Since we don't host images ourselves, you need to use a service that will host your images for you -- then you can link to the image for your posts here.

There are a few options. One is to register (for free) at a free image hosting service, such as http://www.photobucket.com/ or http://www.imageshack.us/ and then link to the image you've posted.

Re: Picture Posting for an person - Tn...Andy - 02-24-2005

So, as I've asked down this list of threads, how come sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't ?

I posted a reply in Home Improvements, trying to post 3 pics......two of them did just fine, and the third would not post at all. All from the same image host. All the URLs clip and pasted the same way, but the third one would just flat not show up. So I tried a different host, thinking maybe the problem was on the host end. Same results.

Is there a limit as to the number of images we can post ( All of these were small 40-50k range ) or what ?


Or here from another image host location....

Re: Picture Posting for an person - Mark Gunter - 02-24-2005

Andy, those links are a little unusal in that the extension on the first is .jpeg instead of .jpg, and the second link does not have a standard image file extension at all, but seems to call up some sort of a web-BOT utitlity.

The forum's software is set to recognize .gif, .png, .jpg and probably a few others. It may not be set to recognize .jpeg, and it definitely wouldn't know what to make of your second link.

If asked, the moderators here can check to see if .jpeg is specified in the software, and if not, they can add it if they desire, to prevent this problem from recurring. There is probably not much they can do about the second link.

Most browsers automatically recognize both .jpg and .jpeg as valid. Both your images are displayed fine when I paste the addresses into my browser, and would probably work as direct links:



Re: Picture Posting for an person - michaelb - 02-27-2005


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Re: Picture Posting for an person - noslo21 - 03-22-2005

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Just testing - Steve Evans - 04-04-2005

Re: Just testing - DarrellC - 04-09-2005

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