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Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-20-2007

Ok folks, let's put at least a first name with the moniker. I hate calling people ert321

I'm Anthony "Yak" Yakonick. I'll answer to Anthony or Yak Mom used to get very upset when someone called me Tony

51, been turning since 1994, someday I'll get good.

Re: Who are you - Chairman Kaga - 12-20-2007

I'm Troy.
I also answer to ,"coffee's ready" and "free wood".

I just started turning a couple of months ago and have already spent my children's inheritance.Good times!

Re: Who are you - Grumpa steve - 12-20-2007

Steve Hamilton
Turning for about 4 years
If Mom used all three of my names
I was in trouble.

Grumpa steve

Re: Who are you - ihmserv - 12-20-2007

Ian Manley
been turning about 4 years , prefer segmented but will turn anything I can.


Re: Who are you - mattgatten - 12-20-2007

Well, my username here is my real name. I'm Matt. Air Force for 13 years. Software Engineer for the past 7. Just recently decided to get back into woodworking after a 15 year hiatus. I answer to lots of things. Matt, Matt-man, Gatman, and I answer to my wife for everything. Looking to get my first lathe real soon after Christmas. Just don't know which one it's going to be. Versatile but not a tiny one. I already know I want to do pens and bowls. Not large bowls, mind you. Not looking for my 'last lathe' just a pretty good one.

Re: Who are you - Neal Addy - 12-20-2007

Me? My real name is Mutley. 48. Been turning for 3-1/2 years.

Re: Who are you - SPITFIRE - 12-20-2007

Jason 26
Been turning for 1 whole week

Re: Who are you - robo hippy - 12-20-2007

Real name, Reed. Been turning almost 10 years now. My flat work is falling off. robo hippy came from a construction job years ago. Would twirl my hammer around and try to get it into the hammer loop on my belt (like robo cop), and was wearing a big knee brace, one guy on the crew shouts out "hey, its robo hippy", and I kind of liked it. I am/was kind of a hippy type, at least some what alternative.

robo hippy

Re: Who are you - woodhead - 12-20-2007


...and I have a woodhead!


Re: Who are you - Bummer - 12-20-2007

Well, my name is Mike... last name starts with Bum... so hence the nick name "Bummer" Have had a lathe (just a Jet 1236) for a few years now but am still pretending to be a turner. My wife is the turner. Still more into flat work but get more interested in turning as time goes on.