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Re: Who are you - MikeT - 12-22-2007

A very interesting thread.

A little late but...

Mike is my real name, 54 and counting. I first turned on a lathe in high school making a bonker. Work in the IT field both as a technician and programmer.


Re: Who are you - Scoots - 12-22-2007

I'm Scott - thus, the nickname Scooter which was shortened to Scoots by some friends a few years back. I'm 34 and have been turning for 3 years, though my turning time has always been sporadic. For example, I haven't touched the lathe in about 2 months.

I live in the thriving suburb of Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas and the better-known suburb of Plano. I'm a closing manager for a real estate investment manager, meaning I lead real estate deals from a letter of intent to the final closing.

Re: Who are you - curmudgeom - 12-22-2007

aka duck ditch turner
curmudgeom is my pc name because i am a grumpy old man
duck ditch is because i live in goose creek s.c
turner turn wood

Re: Who are you - papadan - 12-23-2007

ihmserv said:

[blockquote]papadan said:

Grandson named me about 9 years ago. Been trying to figure out what that lathe thing is in my shop for about 7 years now. One day there was a street rod in progress and the next this goofy lookin machine.

Yea, but what was it doing on the kitchen table.

[/blockquote]That one never made it, it was the little white one that was running on the kitchen table until it found a home in the bedroom.

Re: Who are you - jeffj13 - 12-25-2007

I'm jeff, just like the moniker. Been turning for just a couple of years. I seem to have gravitated towards pens. I also do flat work.


Re: Who are you - Eyeyellow - 12-26-2007

Better late than never. Name's Kevin - 'eyeyellow' is how you pronounce my last name. Live in Nor Cal and have worked in the wine industry for almost 22 years. Mostly a lurker here. Been doing general flatwork for 6 or 7 years but only turning since about August - they don't call it the vortex for nuthin'! Made some pretty decent (by kindergarten standards) stem vases for Christmas gifts. I continue to practice and learn how to use the tools. Dang woodturnin' is harder than it looks!

Re: Who are you - rightuppercut - 12-28-2007

Names Paul. Used to box when I was a kid. 46 now. Can't remember exactly how long I've been turning, on my 3rd lathe, so its been awhile. Nice to be here, and I hope to become a regular contributor.

Re: Who are you - roy_okc - 12-29-2007

My name is Roy Nielsen. I live in the Oklahoma City area. Retired from the Air Force. Currently pay for my hobbies by working in IT and IT security.

I've been turning on my Shopsmith 500, when I have free time and weather cooperates enough, for about a year. I've mostly done pens and other trinkets, but also made a pair of lamps and recently turned my first bowl (and it looks like a "first" ;^).

Re: Who are you - craneman54 - 12-29-2007

Ok I came in late on this thread.

My name is Carl Bordelon.

I live across the Big Muddy from New Orleans and I've been turning foe about 3 years.

I was a crane operator for 34 years till last year when I had to retire due to my health.

I curently use a 1946 Delta/Rockwell lathe but once I move to the country this year I will be getting the Mustered Monster as soon as I get settled in.

Happy New Year to all and I hope this year coming is the best one all of us has ever had.

Re: Who are you - recon - 12-29-2007

Name is Chuck Beland forum name recon. I been turning a little over a year.