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Re: Who are you - Grey Mountain - 12-29-2007


Come on down about 60 miles SW and we'll swap AF stories and make chips.


Re: Who are you - Gordo - 12-29-2007

Gordon here. Most of my friends call me Gordo, some use Gordy (they're mostly Yankees for some reason). 57 YO retired Army (Aviation). Been turning for about 8 years, mostly small stuff; pens, peppermills and the like. Convinced my wife to let me buy my first lathe by telling her that I could save money by turning the bun feet for a bedroom suite that I was going to make for our daughter. Bought the Jet Mini and started turning pens and never did get the furniture made! I still hear about that to this day.

Nice to make everyone's acquaintenance.


Re: Who are you - Chairman Kaga - 12-29-2007

Gordo said:

Convinced my wife to let me buy my first lathe by telling her that I could save money by turning the bun feet for a bedroom suite that I was going to make......

Holy Cow!That is the exact line I used

Re: Who are you - Gordo - 12-29-2007

Just another example of great minds thinking alike!

Gordo of the great mind

Re: Who are you - 00lightning - 12-29-2007

Name is Gilbert. Screen name comes from my truck. I'm 60 years old and have been retired for 1 1/2 years as a chemical engineer. Trying to get the LOML to join me in retirement (also a chemical engineer). She complains she's ONLY 52 years old. Have been turning for a little over 3 years. My wife also does a little turning and helps me in roughing out bowls.

Re: Who are you - doc1 - 12-29-2007

I'm Al; the screen-name is doc1. Al wasn't available when I signed on. I've been turning for.... Actually, I got a Delta LA200 for Christmas--my last major tool. I'm almost finished building the table for it. I'll be a turner soon, but I've been playing around with general woodworking for a couple of years. I'm a retired university professor looking for relaxation. Maybe I should have taken up golf instead. As much as I try to think through what I'm about to do, I still leave out one thing and make more firewood.


Re: Who are you - Captainkrusty - 12-29-2007

Tom Clevenger, 47 y/o retired Fire Captain from So Cal. I retired early at the age of 42 and have been enjoying living in rural NE Oregon. I have an older Delta 12" Gap Bed lathe but have not used it much. I just bought a wolverine setup to sharpen my basic set of tools and plan to do more turning. I do woodworking on the side for some extra money but just recently started doing turnings for a local artist. I am a novice at turning and have much to learn but do enjoy it. I spent the day building a wall rack to hold my lathe tools.

Re: Who are you - grybeard - 12-30-2007

Name is Bob and yes the beard is very grey so hence the handle...haha
Be 52 in a few days...retired/disabled trk driver
Been turning on a daily basis for about the last 2 yrs since had to quite working...off and on when i could for about 8 yrs.
l turn on an 8yr old HF34706...hope to upgrade this year..Ive turned alot of bowels from 6" to 15" on the old hf but now mostly like to turn vases and hollow forms.
I enjoy making my own tools including a capture hollowing system and one for freehand hollowing ..

Re: Who are you - Charlie Drake - 12-30-2007

Well, name is Charlie (never would have guessed) and am a retired research chemist- live on our cattle ranch here in Oklahoma. Been woodworker for 40 years but only turning for about 9 months. Always thought you guys making round stuff were wasting their time-now I am one of you. Must be becoming feeble-minded in my old age!!! Seriously, I realy enjoy turnig on my computer every morning and seeing what all you accomplished guys have to say and see your talents.

Re: Who are you - recon - 12-30-2007

papadan said:

[blockquote]ihmserv said:

[blockquote]papadan said:

Grandson named me about 9 years ago. Been trying to figure out what that lathe thing is in my shop for about 7 years now. One day there was a street rod in progress and the next this goofy lookin machine.

Yea, but what was it doing on the kitchen table.

[/blockquote]That one never made it, it was the little white one that was running on the kitchen table until it found a home in the bedroom.


Your lucky Cindy loves ya try saying that to Pat you would be joining me in the dog house.