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Re: Who are you - BillinSC - 02-17-2008

I'm Bill, in South Carolina. I am a retired construction worker. I was mainly a welder most of my working years.
Bill in SC

Re: Who are you - American & Proud - 02-17-2008


Oh come on we all know no one wants to know who I am and just wishes I would go AWAY!

Re: Who are you - shawnhoefer - 02-17-2008

I was creative in picking out a user name. My user name is shawnhoefer and my real name is Shawn Hoefer. I know it'll confuse people some, but you'll get used to it. My nickname is Shawn. Sorry.

I live in Arkansas surrounded by wood... figured maybe I should learn to do something with it beside tossing hunks into the fireplace.

Re: Who are you - mattgatten - 02-17-2008

Hey, your's is just as creative as mine! harharhar

Re: Who are you - laurie - 02-17-2008

Laurie Sullivan, So. Cal. turning for about 4 yrs. Locksmith by trade (now owner) and soon to be a card carrying member of AARP


Re: Who are you - Whit - 02-17-2008

My real name is Orval but my wife did not like it, so she changed it to Whit about 58 years ago when I was in the Air Force. There everyone called me by my last name, Whitfield and she shortened to Whit. It has stuck. Even had Whit on my badge at work for 32 years in the semiconductor industry.
Been turning off and on for 15 to 20 years. Still have a lot to learn.

Re: Who are you - josh fire art - 02-17-2008

hello im josh dieckmann not to be confused with josh dick ive seen him post several times here and says i dont use enough periods so heres a few put them where you think there needed because i dont know .................

Re: Who are you - UpNorth - 02-17-2008

I'm Ryan
34, live in MN. I've been turning for about 6 months. Had the lathe for almost a year but it took me a while to build a stand for it. Recently joined a woodturning club and the slope just got a whole lot steeper (and more expensive)

Re: Who are you - sniper - 02-17-2008

I'm Steve.

I haven't really started turning yet. I turned 7 pens for a Freedom pen turn-a-thon last month and fell in love with it. Right now I'm covered up with projects so I haven't been able to pursue this new money pit, I mean, hobby.

I do have a Gift card and free shipping to Rockler that's burning a hole in my pocket and will probably be used to buy a pen starter kit and a white 100 Grit grinding wheel. Of course, I'll need new tools as the cheap Crapsman set that came with the free Lathe I got probably aren't worth much. Then I'll discover that I need a better lathe and then...........

Re: Who are you - Trubakoff - 02-18-2008


21 years old and an ASU student. I study design management after stints in Architecture and Industrial design. I dont really go to class unless it is my arts class, which is woods. I spend most my time there and in my home shop.