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Re: Who are you - drmcroberts - 02-18-2008

Don - retired. Started turning pens a few months ago and am now hooked. Haven't turned since I was a kid back in the late 40's & 50's. My dad had both a wood and metal lathe. Sure wish I still had his metal lathe. Hope to get into some bowl turning also.

This is my first post here. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks...

Re: Who are you - oldrebel - 02-18-2008

Name is Jim, 60 years old, been in woodworking for about 35 years. Purely for fun. Computer outsourcing management pays the bills. Started turning about 1 year ago, and now hooked for life. So far, been lucky enough to sell enough bowls and such to pay for more toys.

Re: Who are you - RoninCanada - 02-18-2008

Well guess what the name is? Been turning for about 5 years my lathe is a general 160-18 to many tools to count and everything else that goes with it ...Yeah I'm broke!! 64 years old retiring end of April from the Gourmet Ham and restaurant business looking forward to it ...Great thread ya'll started

Re: Who are you - Antioch Frank - 02-18-2008


My name is Frank and I am a toolaholic.

I have turned (between centers) a little for a long time. I mostly post in hand tools. I have read many posts in the "Woodturning Forum"



Re: Who are you - BigDaddy - 02-18-2008

my name is Sean, i've been turning for about 4 years now. already upgraded lathes and many tools

Re: Who are you - EightFingers - 02-18-2008

Where'd you come from?

Re: Who are you - Newbie - But working on it - 02-18-2008

Ok, this disproves the idea that woodworkers are old. I am one of two people who admitted to being 62 years old and I didn't notice anybody older. I AM NOT OLD !!! (at least that's what I keep telling myself.)
I wonder, do really old people not use the Internet?

Re: Who are you - Grey Mountain - 02-18-2008

I'm 67. But I'm not old.


Re: Who are you - vincentny - 02-19-2008

Surprise, my name is Vinny and I live in NY State, Long Island to be more precise. I hang out a lot in hand tools, where I've had a lot of laughs and received a lot of help. Have been very slowly building a hand tools shop in the garage, picked up a lathe (still boxed) a week or so ago. Im 56, or 57, never cared about age much, health cooked, head too i think. But trying to use working wood as therapy and meditation, turning too, hopefully a sitting activity for bad days - and to set what example I can for my teenage daughter. Something about small battles, and making things with hands, from mind and heart... I still work full time from home, lots of long days and weekends, but expect that will have to change a bit in the near future. I have had some help here already, and hope to make the time to need a lot more. Determined to learn enough to someday repay by passing some on...

Re: Who are you - Bill Holt - 02-19-2008

Too old to come up with a catchy name. Most people call me Holt while my close friends and Gorilla Skiing buddies call me "Holta". Love to build furnature incorporating columns. Currently working on a pulpit with four columns. I have eight bowl blanks that are screeming, "me next, me next"! Between work and church I get only a day or so in the shop, but it is the best day. I have watched this group of misfits for almost a year, honestly...I think I am addicted. I have learned so much, just wish I had something to contribute.