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Re: Who are you - Wipedout - 02-19-2008

Welcome and I have to ask: Gorilla Skiing??

Re: Who are you - ChuckO1234 - 02-19-2008

One more geezer logging in. I'm Chuck O. ____ . Age 69, been a do-it-yourselfer since I got married and bought a house many years and houses ago. I inherited the value of doing things for yourself from my dad, who had to by necessity. In the early years, I had to as well. Retired 3 + years; former marine engineer/engineering supervisor. Recently started bowl turning on a 1979 Shopsmith; often hang out in the woodworking forum. Mainly make small stuff like stools and cutting boards in my small dedicated shop. I've made 4 or 5 small bowls out of blanks and am working on my second segmented bowl. (Just a few pieces - nothing like some of the artists are showing.) In warm weather, I turn into a golfer.

Re: Who are you - mranum - 02-19-2008

Hi everyone I'm Matt. 43 years old and been doing small furniture and cabinet building for about 15 years now. Been turning about 15 days.

Nice to be here!

Re: Who are you - Neal Addy - 02-19-2008

Glad to see lots of new names here. Don't know if some of you folks are new to the forum or just reformed lurkers. Either way... welcome aboard!

Re: Who are you - Phil Morris - 02-20-2008

I have been lurking for a while and asking a few questions so I guess I should introduce myself.

Nothing tricky about the name. I am mostly a luthier but I also build a few boats. Like a lot of the folks in this forum, I picked up a lathe to turn tool handles. I avoided getting a lathe for years because lord knows I don't need another hobby. I am not feeling the pull of the vortex yet but I have only been turning for a few days.

In real life I do sales & marketing and for other fun race Flying Scot sailboats.


Re: Who are you - johnnyapollo - 02-20-2008

I've been on the forums a while - bought a used HF lathe last year to learn on - about ready and started researching (mostly by reading here as a lurker). I joined a local group and hope to get busy. Looks like fun and I'm looking forward to doing some turnings.

-- John

Re: Who are you - bigguy400 - 02-20-2008

I'm Ron Smith, I've been turning for about three years...looks like I got in just in time for turners ananomous...

Re: Who are you - montezuma medic - 02-20-2008

Real name is Terry. Work full time as a Firefighter/Paramedic. I'm a Captain so I have a lot of names that I cant put up here. (My crew secretly loves me tho I know). However I've been doing this so long now that I'm retiring anytime. I've got my time in and body can no longer take it. Real cushy State retirement. I've turning for about 100 years and am still trying to figure it out.

Re: Who are you - Froggy - 02-21-2008

Hello all!
My name is Chris and I love turning wood!
I've been lurking here for quite a while. I am enjoying looking at all of your work and filing away ideas to "steal".
My lathe is an older Craftsman. It serves the purpose, but I soon I will be in the market for a Jet Mini (or Midi) variable speed. I haven't learned to poop $100 bills yet, so...waiting...

I'll start another thread showing what I've been doing on the lathe.

Re: Who are you - NorCal - 02-21-2008

remind me not to sell you anything!

Froggy said:

...I haven't learned to poop $100 bills yet, so...waiting...