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Re: Who are you - RobertM - 02-21-2008

Hi I'm Robert and I'm a toolaholic!
I'm 51 and have two lathes a jet mini and a Powermatic 4224..... I know I know I went form mini to Maxi. What can I say I got a great deal on it.
I do mostly flat work but I been getting more and more into turning. I can see why this is all a lot of people do it's addicting! I've been doing a few bowls and one project I did had a lot of spindles so far everything has turned out pretty good, maybe a little smaller than it started to but ok anyway.
This forum has been a wealth of information for me and I really enjoy seeing what everyone has done.


Re: Who are you - Clint in VA - 02-23-2008

Real name Clint. Near Warrenton Va. New wood turner - since mid Dec 07. Jumped on this section of woodnet as soon as I decided to try turning. Great help . Thanks.

Re: Who are you - fbiv1 - 02-23-2008

Hi I am Frank. Started turning in October. have only done pens so far. I have orded some blanks and hope to start some bowls soon. With children and work hard to find time for much. I afraid I really enjoy lurking here and being amazed at some of the work that is shown.

Re: Who are you - Tim J. Chase - 02-24-2008

My handle is my name only other thing I ever went by was a CB handle LOL
54 years of experience at life hope I get good at it soon.
A bit more than 2 years of turnning.I like turnning bowls mostly. I'm on my 2nd lathe Old model DVR started with a Delta midi I gave it to my father inlaw.
That was a very expensive investment that day at Sears when I saw that lathe for such a great price little did I know LOL

Re: Who are you - The Boxer - 02-25-2008

I am "Leroy"
My wife got me into wood turning. I started as a fine woodworker by hobby.

Re: Who are you - Grey Mountain - 02-25-2008

My name is Lonnie, and I've been turning about 25 years. Grey Mountain was my great-grandfather, who was a Mexican captive of the Comanches. He was captured around 1850 as a young lad of about seven, and spent the rest of his life with the Comanches, eventually being adopted into the tribe. I proudly use his name as my signature.


Re: Who are you - gbeersjr - 02-25-2008

Name is Gary. Age 47 and I've been hooked on turning since the early '90s but have only started up again last October.

Re: Who are you - Steve W. - 02-26-2008

Steve Westfall is the name. I've been turning or turning at it for about 1 1/2 years. I've made a few nice things and a lot of "designer firewood", but I'm learning. Been interested in woodworking since JR. High. I'm 57 and retired so I've got the time now to make shavings. I'm also a Ham... KK7AP

Re: Who are you - Joe Pack - 02-26-2008

Joe Pack. Real name, not someone else's. Turned a log into a toothpick, repeated process, then started making pens, keychains, etc....about 1,500 so far (FAR more keychains than pens), but I'm still working on it. People buy them (particularly the keychains), so I keep making them. 18 years old from the neck up, 57 years old from the neck to the top of the knees, 200 years old from the knees down.

Re: Who are you - Andrew - 02-27-2008

Hi All. Andy Bacchi is my name. My wife and I have been in Vermont for 35 years now, and raised our three kids here. I'm a computer system programmer by design, and a tree herder by choice. They provide heat in winter, sweet syrup in spring and beauty all the time.

I've spent lots of time tending to the trees that share my space and I've even named a few of them. Gratefully, a tree's pace is easy to keep up with.