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Re: Who are you - hector - 02-27-2008

My name is Andy, though some call me Andrew-Andrew (long story.) Hector was one of beloved four-legged friends. While there were several woodworkers over several generations in the family tree, my father undoubtedly had the greastest influence on me in this regard. Also, I worked several years as an estimater for a lumber company that had an architectural mill. I mingled have in woodworking for close to 30 of my 48 years but have been increasingly more serious about it over the last 5 or so years. I had been lurking in power tools, but started here about a year ago when I started turning. I have been stuck on turning clocks!

Re: Who are you - Kniggit - 03-02-2008

Name is Monty an ancient 48 years old. I've been a brick contractor for the last 25 years. About a year ago after welding some tools up for the job I decided that I really liked making stuff so I decided to start doing woodwork, rushed out to the nearest Sears with credit card in hand and bought a POS table saw and a POS sliding miter saw(wish I woulda put all the money on a better table saw knowing what I know now ). Haven't made the plunge into buying a lathe yet but after seeing some of the pieces on here it has inspired me to try it as soon as winter is over.

Love the forum BTW, I have to say that it is probably the most civil forum I have ever been on that had this many members!

Re: Who are you - Retiredguy - 03-02-2008

Hello, my name is Ross.
I have had a lathe for several years, made stuff, even sold some, but never felt that I really understood what I was doing with the lathe.
I retired from my day job in January (40 years with the Govt.), and down to only my evening/weekend job (teaching at the local Community College).
Now that I have more time, my objective is to learn the correct way to turn! Last weekend I indulged myself with a retirement present: Jet 1642 (since Woodcrafter's had them on sale). I'm planning to join the local Woodturner's club soon, since thats what everyon says is the best thing to do.
I have been lurking on this forum for years, but only just recently joined. Thank you all for all the help that you have given to others, through the years, who requested it - because it also helped me.
Thanks, again.


Re: Who are you - glennw - 03-02-2008

my name is glenn wiederman but my friends call me either weeds or woody depending on who it is. My felow chiefs do call me weeds if were in the CPO MESS or for work even just CSC. Thas who I am. I am 40 years old been a woodworker for 4 or 5 years now and cant get enough of it. Happily maried three step kids and all grown.

Re: Who are you - gargamel - 03-11-2008

My name is Josh and I have been WWing for about 5 yrs and am fairly inexperienced in turning. I got my lathe at an auction for $55 along with a set of Craftsman chisels about 2 yrs. ago. It is a 50's model Delta that I have since slightly restored. I have made a few rolling pins, pens, and other small projects. My tools have been in storage for about 8 months now while I wait for the new house and shop to get built(spring). I am a 34 yr. old stay at home dad with a daughter in kindergarten and 2 boys ages 4 and 3. My wife is a college nursing instructor and also does nurse education at a hospital in Madison 2 days a week. I also get free classes at the college where she teaches so I decided to take advantage of that last semester when I started taking some CAD classes. I hope to, eventually, get into home design when the kids are all in school. Most of my experience is home improvement related but because of this forum and help from a couple of friends who are WWers I have grown my skills, tool collection, and appreciation for this wonderful hobby. I hope to improve and challenge myself with each new project and it is much easier with help available here. Thank you.

Re: Who are you - Tony Butler - 03-13-2008

I'm Tony, 51 yrs old. Accountant at a country club by day, avoider of woodshop (due to lack of motivation) by night.

My first "lathe" was a Dremel 30 or so years ago. Worked up to a 2-tube Sears, which saw me through 20 years of ignoring wood altogether. Then in 2001 after my father died, I replaced the Sears with a Delta 46-700, which was replaced in 2004 by a Jet 1442, which in turn was just replaced this month by a Jet 1642.

Wonder how many more lathes before I shuffle off this ol' globe....

Re: Who are you - jerickson - 03-13-2008

I just realized I didn't post anything to this thread. My name is John. I am 32, married for 10 years, father to three children (ages 5, 2, and 1), and employed as a technical writer.

My wife is one of those people who can make just about anything she sees, and she actually got me started making stuff. I've tinkered around with woodworking for a few years now, but I think I've finally landed now that I've started woodturning. I love it and hope to develop as a turner each time I spin something.

I try to spend most of my free time turning, but I have been an avid reader since my early teens. I already sacrificed hunting in '07 for lathe-time, but I won't be sacrificing reading.

Anyway, thanks for letting me participate in this community.

Re: Who are you - Emil - 03-13-2008

OK. I've been lurking here on Woodnet and the Woodturing group for a while, posting only when I think I can add something to the body of knowledge or answer a specific question. So, I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Emil and I'm an addicted woodturner in Jacksonville, FL.

I'm going to be 60 this year, but still consider myself a novice woodturner. Getting time in the shop is my biggest obstacle. So many demands, so little free time.... That is the appeal of woodturning: I can walk into the shop after dinner, chuck up a blank and have a completed bowl before I go to bed. I've turned about a dozen small bowls/open vessels and have most of them lined up on the mantle so I can regularly look at them and monitor my progress at woodturning proficiency.

My goal is to get to segmented turning. I've built a press and collected some wood, made a lot of sketches and diagrams, but have yet to cut the first mitered segment. I have a mentor who is way out there in skill and technique which is a big help ..... sometimes.

I've been getting into turning in fits and starts. I bought a small Nova Mercury a few years ago and felt it was underpowered so I sold it. Then I refrubbed an old Walker Turner lathe (I like old iron, but it's going to my nephew's "lathe-less" shop, soon). I picked up a used Jet mini with a Nova chuck, a bunch of arbors several months ago when I went to buy a Dewalt scrollsaw from a fellow, but the mini has its limitations. Then, in January, after wrestling with my WT lathe and belt changing for a whole afternoon, I bought a Jet 1642EVS-2. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! WHAT A LATHE!

This is a great forum. I've been visiting various online discusssions since about 1990 and the days of usenet usegroups, if anyone remembers those. I agree that this is a very civil place to hang out and I appreciate that the technical discussions don't drag on forever. (I've always liked the motto "Lurk a Lot but Post Little"). The body of knowledge and willingness to share it here makes woodturning all that much more enjoyable for me!

Thnx for reading this.


Re: Who are you - wgbaggs - 03-15-2008

Name's Bill When Mom Used all three names (William Griffith Bagnall) I ducked. bought a crapsman twin tube back in 83. that lathe shook so bad and so crappy I only turned when there was no other solution. bought a griz 1495 eight years ago. Now I just have to figgger out how to sharpen the the tools, use the skew, and how to find time energy to turn when I get home from my const. job. A few extra bucks for the toys wouldn't hurt either.


Re: Who are you - TonyInPa - 03-18-2008

Tony is my name, and I am near Erie, PA.

I turned a number of years ago, but have gotten a renewed interest from my son. He is a recent turner and far better than I.

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