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Re: Who are you - Chester's Friend - 03-19-2008

HI Tony ... and all .. name is Kevin, ya know .. Chester's friend ..he's my Golden Retreiver .. so .. ya know .. he's really everybody's friend.

Been turning for ..well, ok .. I'll be turning in about an hour. No really ... got a gift cert from my daughters to a Woodcraft turning class .. one of those intro .. pen making classes. Enjoyed it and carry that pen still. Now .. I'm not going to say that LOML had something to do with it ... ever since she went with me to a Rockler and saw a ..what .. a bubinga nut? .. big thing looks like an eggplant.. ya it was turned and looked great .. she said "you should do that" .. I said well I do some woodworking dear .. but I don't turn .. thats different ... next I know I get the gift from the daughters and as a follow up a pen turning lathe + gear for birthday gifts .. so I took the hint and am really looking forward to it ....

Re: Who are you - TxTawd - 03-23-2008

My name is Tod Raines. I am 44 years old and am an infrequent turner for about 4 years now.

Re: Who are you - Sawdust102 - 03-24-2008

I go by Dick or Richard. I have been turning since the mid 80's, but only occasionally. It wasn't till I retired in 2003 that I have devoted more time too it, and can practice more.

Re: Who are you - Stagecoach - 03-24-2008

My name is David and I'm an alcoholic. Oops wrong forum. I have been turning on and off for 20 years (mostly off) I just got a new HF lathe and turned my first Black Walnut bowl. I'm in the vortex and can't get out. I'm a retired US Marine and now a software programmer.

Re: Who are you - dixie - 03-27-2008

name is Wesley Dix.....gee, when did that nickname start ??........been dixie ever since I can remember, and since I just turned 59, I can't remember very far back.....say, maybe a week.......turning for a few years, nothing seriuos, but I wish it were.....


Re: Who are you - Magpies - 03-28-2008

Hi Anthony!,

I real name is Dezi.

I just started turning today!

My setup is a :

Delta Midi and my tools are Crown and I have a full face shield.

Re: Who are you - Snipe Hunter - 04-09-2008

My name is Neil. My friends and family call me Snipe, an old nickname. Has something to do with sailing.

Re: Who are you - rbell1111 - 04-10-2008

Hi everyone from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. I'm Robert. Retired and love the hobby. I turn wood, scroll saw wood, carve wood, set marquetry into wood, and at times - butcher wood. Through various forums I have made many friends internationally. Kind regards and best wishes to all. Robert

Re: Who are you - Snipe Hunter - 04-10-2008

Hi Robert. Welcome!!!

Re: Who are you - bds - 04-15-2008


Just started turning at the beginning of '08. Four months and haven't stopped spending yet. Can't see the end yet either. Good Grief! wait, GOOD grief! I am enjoying this new hobby. Good fun.

Gotta go buy some bits. C'ya.