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Re: Who are you - borderline - 12-20-2007

Hi, My name is Chuck (how fitting), I have been turning for 0 days, I hope to begin soon so I too can join TA (Turners anonymous, although I guess we are now no longer anonymous).

Re: Who are you - TowMater - 12-20-2007

Todd Glover, 41 only been turning a couple of months and never thought I'd like it but I find it strangely relaxing........

That is until a Yellow Cedar pen blank with 10 different kinds of awesome figure explodes as I take my final couple of passes .

Especially when it's for my boss who is giving it away as a present to a friend she's going to visit in South Africa.........

Yeah, until that happens I love it .


Re: Who are you - Grey Mountain - 12-20-2007

My name is Lonnie. Grey Mountain was my great-grandfather, and is still used by some as the family name. His name in Comanche was Esa Toyah, which translates into English as Grey Mountain.

I've been turning for about 25 years.


Re: Who are you - clovishound - 12-20-2007

I'm Doug. I've been turning for a little shy of a year. I haven't really settled on my niche in turning. Every time I try something new I get real excited. Then move on to something else. Story of my life.

I'm a retired Air Force Reserve loadmaster. I work for the Postal Service. My daughter gave me the moniker "clovishound" as I have found a disproportionate share of Clovis era stone tools diving the rivers here in SC.

Re: Who are you - England14 - 12-20-2007

Johnny England most call me Johnny. Will be 53 next month and feeling it. Been turnin on and off for a few years. Started in the seventh grade got sidetracked with girls and cars, yes in that order. I am over cars although I have and still do made a good living working on them. Girls, well we wont go there. I don't think I'll ever get over turnin. I still enjoy flat work too.

AKA England141 and England_At_Work depending on which form and whether I'm on the computer at work or at home as they have different settings.

Right now I am into making Cartage pens with deer antler. Anybody know where I can get some antlers? I hate to pay for them, but I have.

Re: Who are you - Chris Billman - 12-20-2007

Chris Billman. 38. Turning since 1999, but I do mostly flatwork so I'm still mediocre at best at round stuff.

Re: Who are you - Wipedout - 12-20-2007

Im Robert Stuart - 44 answer to lots of things just dont call me Bob

Been turning for about 4 years or so - just not nearly enough of it. A little flat work (just finished an outdoor kitchen Ill be posting in Woodworking forum tomorrow)

Oh and I forgot to mention - Screen name - Wipedout - came from motorcycle accident when I was 17 - something to do with a closed garage door .... but that's another story.

Re: Who are you - Tim J. Chase - 12-20-2007

Well as you may have guessed My name is Tim Chase
I've been turnning 2 1/2 yrs I'm 54 and a work as a District Manager for a quick service seafood chain.
I first got into this having wanted to take shop class but never did so I'm all self taught and haven't done to much flat work in a couple years now wife likes the new found skill but has a big list of flat stuff.

Re: Who are you - Joe Fisher - 12-20-2007

Joe Fisher. Joe, Joey, JoeFish, Fish, PhatJoe for a short while, Jo-Jo to two odd people, Josephus to one odder person, Josef, Jehosephat, Ira Joe Fisher.

32 y/o this past May. Turning for about 3 years, I guess.


Re: Who are you - skizzo - 12-20-2007

Bill Nance, 48. I've been turning for less than a couple years, not counting the 35-year hiatus since junior high wood shop. I picked up a great condition Rockwell 46-111 to play with and (I thought) use up various flatwork offcuts... uh huh, sure.

I tend to float between many different types of projects, from big home construction/renovation stuff, to cabinets and other flatwork, and whatnot. Along with getting sucked into the turning vortex, I also got bit recently by the steep slope of old machinery restoration. So I do a little bit of lots of things, none of them particularly well. Turning is generally a relaxing diversion and "play" activity when I'm tired or frustrated of working on the never-ending project list.

Oh yeah, I'll generally answer to most any name, some printable, some not.