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Re: Who are you - DIYdappler - 05-08-2008

Neal Addy said:

[blockquote]DIYdappler said:

by December will have 2 little ones.

Oh boy... does this mean twins? If so I can sympathize.


Haha. No twins on the way. I'm generally too long-winded, so I thought it would be faster than saying "I have a 16-month-old boy named William and another little one due December 6th."

Twins.....you're a better man than I

Re: Who are you - woodjeff4 - 05-15-2008

My name is Jeff. I am 52 and started turning when I was 12.

Re: Who are you - DurocShark - 05-15-2008


My name's Don. I'm brand newbie to turning.

No laughing at my HF lathe!!! I can't buy a chisel for what I paid for it!

Re: Who are you - sonofbluegrass - 05-17-2008

My given name is Ron.

After Dad died, I moved back home to help Mom out and finally got something resembling a shop. In addition to woodwork I attempt blacksmithing.

I started a website if you're interested

The lathe I have is direct drive and old enough to have oil ports. Yes oil ports not grease fittings. So far my turnings have been replacement sword handles. I belong to a fencing club and we have a standing tuesday night sword fight.


Re: Who are you - Sawdust PA - 05-20-2008

I'm Joel. I'm a turning noob, but enjoy it so far. I had done some limited turning in high school shop (showing my age) and with the advice here, that's how I've gotten back into it.

I've made quite a few pens, some yo-yos, tops, one salt and pepper set, and a few "bowls" so far. I have an old ShopSmith that I use for turning, and it's served my purposes so far.

Re: Who are you - Dusty from Ky - 05-20-2008

My name is Charles and I started turning 55 years ago and I think I am starting to figure out what I did wrong, I fell into a giant hole that has no bottom and very few hand holds to hang on that keep you from spending a lot of cash, but it sure is enjoyable.

Re: Who are you - Doug_in_Cincy - 05-21-2008

My name is Doug and I have a lathe in my shop that I use when I am working on round scrap instead of flat scrap.

Re: Who are you - Gil M - 06-05-2008

man talk about late to the ball game, Gil Mitchell is my name. the turning forum is how I found Woodnet. been turning sporadically for about four years. my problem is when i brake out the lathe nothing else gets done, so i have to bury it in the shop for a while.

Re: Who are you - xfltdoc - 06-07-2008

Ruben. ...been turning for about a year. I'm in residency and working ~80hrs/wk so not doing much these days. Hopefully will do more in the coming years when life slows down.

Re: Who are you - tattoomike68 - 06-10-2008

My name is mike , I live in walla walla washington and have been turning wood and metals for 15 years. Most of my larger wood turnings have been to make foundry patterns for making iron castings. (manhole rings and covers)

I have a smithy midas 1220 metal lathe that I use to turn wood and metals.

Im a manual machinist by trade and most of the work I have done is making parts for farm machines.

This is my home shop. Since this picture was taken I hav bought a table saw, band saw, scroll saw, a huge dual head drill press and lots of saw blades.