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Re: Who are you - Paisano - 06-14-2008

May as well join the club. My name is Danelo, I am 65 and a retired educator. I have always enjoyed wood working, but have learned what little I know from books- I love to read.About 20 years back I bought a lathe ,made in Taiwan,for less than $100 and enjoyed turning untill the motor died. To make a long story short, I layed off woodworking for 10 years. For the past three weeks I have been cleaning and fixing my shop and having a great time. I should be turning as soon as my new lathe arrives. On a separate note: The response to my questions and information provided by all of you is the best reward of all. It is great to know that there is a group of people who are willing to share unselfishly what they know with complete strangers is phenomenal . You are a very special group of people.

Re: Who are you - MBourey - 06-22-2008

My name is Mike Bourey I am new to this forum. I have been to a couple meetings with The Golden Triangle woodturners here in Denton, Texas. I have been looking for a decent lathe to get started with.

Re: Who are you - huntnsnook - 07-03-2008

JD...Up till now I have been building Rustic and outdoor items as a hobby and craft shows for the last few years. I then found turning as a means to offer something for repeat customers. I am new to turning and have been turning Pens for about two months now. I am ready to take the step up to bowls. Real life job is very high pace and stressful..Hint.. I am the guys that looks for your stolen tools and tracks down the bad guy so I look forward to the weekend to unwind in the shop..

Re: Who are you - jerickson - 07-07-2008

Do you get to confiscate tools that were purchased with drug money?

Re: Who are you - huntnsnook - 07-07-2008

I wish.... If Im lucky I get a really nice letter though

Re: Who are you - Bob Rockford - 07-13-2008

I am Bob and just learning to turn. I found a Jet lathe for $200.00 and couldn't pass it up. I've been reading and making lots of fire wood for the next winter.

Re: Who are you - Alistair Hosie - 07-19-2008

Name is Alistair Hosie come from Scotland have been turning on and off for about twelve or more years.I do bowls, cups, goblets, spindle, lidded ,boxes, etc Alistair

Re: Who are you *DELETED* - Bob Zajicek - 08-09-2008

Post deleted by EightFingers

Re: Who are you - ned - 08-25-2008

I teach a little turning (mostly spindle work) herewhere I mostly teach woodworking. Been doing it 7 years now.

Re: Who are you - Jason/Woody - 08-25-2008

Hmm, guess I havent done this. I'm Jason, as my name denotes. Call me Woody or Jason. Fitting nickname for a woodworker isn't it? Been woodworking off and on since 7th grade shop class, mostly off, but on the last few years. Now I can afford my own stuff. Turned a couple of things in that same shop class, and just really started turning again about a month ago. Mainly interested in pens.