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Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 10-09-2008

fivestring©™± said:


I mean Gary.

I don't turn.

I just buy ya'lls' finished products

Pens, clock columns and bowls RULE!

Aint seen your name on any checks coming my way

Re: Who are you - tk009 - 10-11-2008

Howdy,,,,Name is Tony K hence the tk.I am 44 years old. Been turning about 4 years but sadly stopped for almost 1.5 years due to health issues and just got back to it 6 months ago. I turn on a 16" steel bed delta.
Take care and happy and safe turning,
PS be safe trying to take off the head stock on some of these larger machines...I broke, smashed and nearly took off the end of my left lil finger,,,but gratefully I have a finger and the nail is even coming back.

Re: Who are you - DIYdappler - 10-11-2008

Glad to hear you're on the mend. Welcome to the forum!

Re: Who are you - tk009 - 10-12-2008

Thank you...very kind of you.
Take care

Re: Who are you - bill-e - 10-12-2008

Hi, I'm Bill Esposito. I've been turning for about 4 years I think. Life and work has kept me from any serious turning/woodworking for about a year but I hope to change all that this winter.
I have some cherry burls and an unopened box of McNaughton center savers just waiting to be used.

Re: Who are you - Alec H. - 10-12-2008

Alec Hosterman here. I've been doing WW for about a year now, working on basic pieces - boxes, cutting boards, trivets, recipe holders, etc. Made an apothecary chest last Xmas (it was okay) and am now working on a music stand for my lovely wife.

I just turned my first pen the other day and am really drawn in by the creative nature of turning. It's definitely not simple, but I can see how the skills one has to have in turning will help me in other WW aspects.

I'm also into photography: www.alechosterman.com and have a blog on all things that come across my mind: www.alechosterman.com/WordPress


Re: Who are you - Bob Masters - 10-20-2008

I'm.....er....well....I already use my name.

Livin' in South Central Indiana for quite a few years now without too many complaints.

Re: Who are you - paretsky - 10-29-2008

Howdy. I'm Matt Paretsky. In my late 30s. I've been turning for about a year now, started out taking a class at a local college. Mostly I make pens and other small things.

Re: Who are you - DIYdappler - 10-29-2008

Glad to meet ya. I guess with a year under your belt you're fairly far down the turning vortex, eh?

Re: Who are you - mudmanjp - 11-16-2008

Names Steve.
But I have been called a few other names! Wood Turner? After 1 year it is not by choice but by need. I LIVE day by day, looking for that next piece of wood that will bring me Serenity. Have you seen it?