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Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 11-26-2008

On vacation for a while

Re: Who are you - jacko - 11-27-2008

I'm Robert.
Been hooked on tools all my life. I started to build when I was 4 and that was 46 years ago. I have never been away from building something for more then a few months. When I was in Jr. High I got into turning wood and when in high School I was into turning metal. Then that was the last I had done anything on a lathe. Until about a month ago when I picked up an old Delta. One older then I am.

Re: Who are you - Bernie W - 11-27-2008

As it says name is Bernie. 61 and have been turning 3 1/2 yrs. If mom called me by all three names it was time to become scarce.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-05-2008


Re: Who are you - tlc - 12-06-2008

My initials are tlc (hence the username). My first name is Tom.
I just turned 70 and have been dabbling in wood since I was 10 or so.
My dad was a real handyman and introduced me to various and sundry interests involved with 'doing stuff'.
My turning interest was rekindled when I purchased a PM45 several months ago.
I also have a shop full of old equipment I have been collecting for 60 years or so and am adding a couple of drill presses next week. The quest never stops.
I mostly just lurk and look, but tend to get looooong winded when I do have something to post.
Remember: Keep your personal parts away from the moving parts.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-13-2008


Re: Who are you - woodrot - 12-15-2008

hello, my name is steve. I'm 52, retired last year from Ky State Govt. (Env. Biologist). I have also been preaching for about 25 yrs. Been doing hobby flatwork for about 15 yrs., but often little done for months at a time, have a list of bookcases, shelves, furniture etc. from the kids which I'll never finish. I also subsitute teach in local school system which cuts into my hours a lot. Just ordered a jet mini to start turning. Motivated in a large part by the great pens and bowls seen here. I've yet to turn a lathe on. But will learn if I have the time. Currently trying to find someone in Bowling Green / Owensboro area to teach me the first hour introductory lesson. No clubs here, I'm in the boondocks.

Re: Who are you - kludge - 12-15-2008

I'm Peter Brown, 31. Kludge is more than my handle, it's my way of life.

I just started turning in November, and while I love my time at the lathe I find that I cannot do anything right the first time. I must try and fail numerous times before I succeed. It's more rewarding for me when I do. If anything went smooth right off the bat, I think I'd drop over dead.

No one I know does any WWing. If it weren't for WN, I'd be lost.

Re: Who are you - thomas_1st - 12-15-2008

OK, I'll chime in, only because I've enjoyed this post so much....

Turned my first project in high school, 'bout 35 years ago. Never turned again as I didn't have access to a lathe. Started to gather flat work tools about 10 years ago when kids grew up enough I could afford something for myself again. Then I bought a used jet from a guy at work and turned a couple bad sample bowls. It sat in the corner for 5 years or so collecting dust. I then started reading the turning forum seeing pictures thinking "wow, those are amazing!!!", I think I'll try that. It was way tooooooooo late before I heard the sucking sound!!!

Last year I upgraded to mustard, and that doesn't include new sorbys, crowns, dust collection, chucks, sharpening, sanding, I know, I know, you all know the story...

I typically turn bowls. Some lidded, most not, out of green blanks. One of my favorite woods is Spalted Hackberry, love that stuff. Turned one winged bowl out of zebrawood which I named the " Bloody Knuckle Bowl" for obvious reasons.

No outlet for them, most are gifts other than the ones LOML claims for her own. Probably turned 50 or so now, and still TONS to learn and enjoy. With that said, time to go stoke the fire, it was 22 degrees in the shop when I got home tonight and I want to play....

Take care and happy turning!!!

Re: Who are you - JRob - 12-15-2008

Jim Roberts, 51 years young from Bloomsburg, PA
I'm looking to get started in turning, just haven't amassed the necessary small fortune yet.