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Re: Who are you - Jason/Woody - 05-17-2009

True, and you are right about being quiet. That is what I love most about it. I get up early on the weekends. I'm up at 3:20 M-F for work, so 5 on a weekend is sleeping in. I can get up, and go into the basement and turn to my hearts desire and not bother the wife while I'm at it. See if I can run my tablesaw, bandsaw, CMS, router, or any other tool at that time in the morning. I bet I'd get a big

Re: Who are you - dry heat - 05-17-2009

My name is Edgar, I’m a retired educator and I’ll be 77 in June. I picked dryheat because it is often mentioned when learning that I live in the Arizona Desert “yes but it’s a dry heat”. Anything over 105 is HOT no matter how dry it is. I bought a lathe several years ago because it was on sale and I always wanted to do some turning. I’m just getting started now and hope to make a few bowls and boxes.
Most of my woodworking has been in cabinetry and Windsor Chairs.

Re: Who are you - DIYdappler - 05-17-2009

Welcome, Edgar. The name's not bad. Better than dry heave. Don't hesitate to ask questions and post your projects any time you like. We're a friendly bunch, in general.

Re: Who are you - Beezlebub - 05-18-2009


We're a friendly bunch, in general.


Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 06-13-2009

Bump again

Re: Who are you - perfgen - 06-13-2009

I'm David Nance, 54. I go to work as a Quality Assurance manager for a medical device company to pay for my addiction. Been turning for ten years or so. Just upgraded from a Jet mini to a 1642 (Christmas present from LOML).

Re: Who are you - rightuppercut - 07-26-2009


Re: Who are you - Jason/Woody - 07-26-2009

I'm Jason. I was Jason when I started turning, and I am Jason now. I have been turning for right around a year now. I would not say I am much better at it over the last year, but I am not any worse, and I have spent a lot of money in the process of getting mediocre

Re: Who are you - woodmangler - 07-27-2009

I am Mike...been turning perfectly good pieces of wood into roundish objects for a couple of years.

Been lurking on woodnet for a while...hope to contribute more often.

Re: Who are you - mobjack68 - 07-27-2009

Mobjack68 was my one design sailboat, Mobjack...built on Mobjack Bay, Virginia. Hull number 68. Sold her when I hadn't been able to go sailing for 3 years and did not see sailing anytime soon. My wife and I invested in a business for her that took a lot of time from both of us.

My name is Jerry Morgan, have been turning since my sophomore year of high school...let's see, that would have been 36 years ago. Since I have a teaching degree that allows me to teach wood shop (among other things) I have had access to wood lathe(s) almost all of my adult life. My high school shop teacher taught me to hand sharpen lathe tools, in his words "if you're gonna use 'em..you're gonna dull 'em....if YOU dull 'em, you need to learn to keep 'em sharp"...rest is history.

I feel very fortunate to live in western central Virginia, where hardwoods abound, it is very easy to gather wood to waste. Lots of inspiration and project ideas here, thanks for pushing me towards new boundaries.