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Re: Who are you - kala - 12-20-2007

Kala Raymond - I started turning a few months before I quit my job as a software engineer to apprentice to a master furniture builder a little over a year ago. Thought it would be a good way to supplement my meager income as an apprentice. HAHAHAHA. Spent 5000 + so far and maybe sold 3000. But I don't regret it at all. Now that furniture making is my job I needed a new hobby anyways.


Re: Who are you - Arch_E - 12-20-2007

Archie England, 49 yo, a teacher/preacher. Been turning for about a year. Just graduated from a Jet 12-20 to an older Delta 16-42 vs, and loving it. Learning from a fantastic "rocket scientist" turned bowl turning guru (on a VBmaster). Actually got into lathe turning by accident: I needed handles for my odd and end chisels and stuff that I was restoring for hobby furniture building. I had gotten into handtools because I fear/respect TS, jointer, etc. and b/c I hate sanding--hence, hand planes to the rescue.

Having fun, doing what's fun...

Re: Who are you - GeorgeK ® - 12-20-2007

George Kromka
Age 60

Turning 5 or 6 years I guess.

Re: Who are you - KEW - 12-20-2007

Kurt Whitley, 49.
I am an Engineering Test Lab Supervisor.
I've been a passionate beginning turner for about three years, now.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-21-2007

Joe Fisher said:

Joe Fisher. Joe, Joey, JoeFish, Fish, PhatJoe for a short while, Jo-Jo to two odd people, Josephus to one odder person, Josef, Jehosephat, Ira Joe Fisher.

32 y/o this past May. Turning for about 3 years, I guess.


Uncle Joey

Re: Who are you - GTW - 12-21-2007

Trevor Wilkins from Powell River which is located on The Sunshine Coast (cruel joke this year) of British Columbia.

I am 54, started turning in grade 8 but then spent my working life in the offshore oil industry, finally got back into turning when I attended The Fine Woodworking Program at Selkirk College in Nelson B.C.

Mucked about on an old ER10 Shopsmith till I couldn't afford to buy my Vic 300S but so glad I did!

Re: Who are you - sawdust22 - 12-21-2007

Rick Bieniek Sacramento, CA
Love segmented work, or anything that makes sawdust!!


Re: Who are you - gwj - 12-21-2007

Name is Gary age 60 been turning almost 1 yr

Re: Who are you - Neal Addy - 12-21-2007

Welcome to the forum, Gary!

Re: Who are you - n7bsn - 12-21-2007

My screen name is my ham radio call sign. My name is Ralph, been turning about 3 years (other stuff, well, i built my house 28 years ago, the shop/garage 15 years ago and the barn 5 years ago, plus other stuff through the years)
I'm in the same local turning club as GeorgeK