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Re: Who are you - nlf - 07-28-2009

I'm Nancy. I live in sunny Florida and have been involved in this insanity for about 4 years.

Currently unemployed (not by choice) but hoping to change that in the near future so I have money to buy more turning stuff.

Just got into casting and having a ball but the gallon is almost gone so I'll have to put that fun on hold until I find someone to pay me.

Just joined this forum and am looking forward to learning from everyone.

Re: Who are you - dover157 - 07-28-2009

Ben Daugherty. 31 Living in central New Mexico (HOT!!!) been turning for a few months. User name comes from an old high school nickname that stuck (put first name in front). mostly hang out in the vortex and laugh at some of the stuff in the "basement"

Re: Who are you - badwhiskey - 07-30-2009

Welcome Johan! It is always great to get folks from outside the States on this forum. What woods do you use?

And Nancy, I'd love to see your castings. That's something I'm a complete noob about.

I'm Frank, 46, and I've been doing turning for about a year now. Mostly smaller stuff, pens, bottle stoppers, vases, and small bowls. Its been so much fun. I had no idea how much more free and creative you can be with turning vs. flat work. It is also fun to sell your stuff. I'm not quitting flatwork any time soon, but I do enjoy turning more. I tried to get my son into turning, but he hurt himself in the School shop, so he's skittish around tools.


Re: Who are you - DIYdappler - 07-30-2009

Hope he's okay. And welcome Johan.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 08-22-2009


Re: Who are you - Bob Bergstrom - 08-22-2009

I'm Bob. PE. teacher and football / wrestling coach for forty years. Retired and enjoying woodturning everyday. Started turning 35 years ago in a high school night course. After about six upgrades I bought a Powermatic 3520. I've paid for my chainsaw many times over cutting found wood.

Re: Who are you - thecopperfish - 08-24-2009

I'm Chris. Been turning about a year. I'm 57 yrs old, looking forward to retirement so I have more time to turn. I've learned a lot here and I appreciate being a member.

Re: Who are you - kompera - 08-25-2009

Never chimed in here, so I might as well!

I'm "Kompera", IT pro outside of Boston during the day and woodworker when I can make time for it. My wife and I bought a condo about a year ago (two family house, we have the first floor) and since I get half the basement I started collecting tools for my workshop. I've been loving getting back into woodworking again, it had been 10 years since I last made sawdust.

I don't have a lathe, cruising craigslist daily but I have yet to find something worthwhile. I'd like to get one in before the snow so that I can dig in to turning this winter. I really want to do bowls more than I do spindles and pens, so I'm trying to find a 12"+ swing lathe for short money...
If anyone has a good lead in the Boston area, I'm all ears.

Re: Who are you - rtriplett - 08-26-2009

I'm a 2nd grade Teacher in Janesville, Ca. I first tried turning in 1990 and used an old Craftsman lathe. I "upgraded " to a 14 by 40 inch HF and added a solid base that cost more than the lathe! I turn mostly plates and bowls-very basic stuff, but my favorite woods are Paduak and Purpleheart- or almost anything exotic. I really appreciate lurking around this site and picking up great info. rtriplett5th@yahoo.com

Re: Who are you - Clay Dowling - 08-26-2009

I'm Clay Dowling, a 38 year old computer programmer from Flushing, Michigan. My wife and my dad conspired to get me hooked on turning. My wife bought me a book on making chairs for Christmas, which contained only post and rung chairs. My dad then taught me how to turn on his lathe, and in our first weekend we had a very nice oak stool.

Now I have a jones that can only be cured by sawdust and wood shavings. I'm looking for my first lathe (possibly a good second-hand powermatic 90) and hope to be building post and rung chairs by this time next year.