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Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 10-05-2009


Re: Who are you - Larry528 - 10-05-2009

Its been so long that I visited this forum, I dont remember if I stated anything before.

I started turning in HS, then got a Shopsmith, then moved to a Record long bed lathe, a bad back made me sell the Record, got the back fixt, had to buy a new lathe, got a 14 inch Jet. I turn whole log mesquite. i prefer wet wood but here in Texas, wet wood is only found in lakes and even then it can be dry.

I am an engineer by education, and dyslexic. I used to think I was spastic, but with halfzhimers, I cant remember half or what I need to know, and the other half is probably not correct either. Explains a lot.

Keep on turning and Einstein was right, its all relative.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 11-22-2009

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Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 01-28-2010

And again

Re: Who are you - MichaelS - 01-28-2010

I just looked and realized I hadn't posted in this thread before.

Michael, business marketing enginerd by profession... been working with wood for 20+ years, but only fell into the vortex in late '08. Thougth the vortex was only a small eddy or a mild duststorm, not an F5 tornado.


Re: Who are you - Lee - 01-28-2010

My name is Lee. I have actually bought five lathes over the last few years, but I didn't use them, (I like tools).

I went to a blacksmithing conference and started learning to work metal last October. My current venture into turning was supposed to be an easy way to make handles, for all the new tools I would make on the forge.

I asked for a Rikon for Christmas, because I thought my wife would enjoy using it. I have checked out every single turning book in the library, and I have been going through them project by project to teach myself how to turn. I spend 20-40 hours a week turning.


Re: Who are you - Jonathan S - 01-30-2010

Hi folks,

I'm Jonathan, mostly hangout in the handtools forum. I'm a biologist with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. I've been turning about 4 months. Pens, bowls, tool handles, and most recently a couple end grain boxes. I think I like boxes the best!


Re: Who are you - Sam The Man - 01-30-2010

My name is Sam Scalzo,live in Tucson,AZ. Have been turning for about 18-19 years.President of the Southern Arizona Turners Club.


Re: Who are you - johnpooleSC - 01-30-2010

someone bumpped this one so i thought i'd chime in. very old, self taught turner. i didn't know your tool had to be on the tool rest before it touched the wood, been doing woodwork almost 60 years, still have 10 fingers. one of the oldest comp geeks living.. i write code for a living.. i am very wordy, (long winded on line). feel free to stop reading in the middle

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 03-17-2010

another bump