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Re: Who are you - Charlie Drake - 03-18-2010

Name is Charlie Drake (duh) and I'm 68. An R&D chemist for 32 years here in OK (worked in the evil oil industry) and ran cattle on our ranch. Retired about 10 years-started turning couple of years ago after flatwork for many years. Always amazed at the talent I see exhibited on this (and some other) forum and the willingness to help those of us less talented!

Re: Who are you - Huskerfan - 03-18-2010

My name is Joe. I'm 49 years old. You can call me wahtever you want, just don't call me late for dinner. I've been turning since February, 2010, when I picked up Jet 1220 from the Cincinnati Woodcraft store. I've got a lot to learn.

Re: Who are you - jerickson - 03-18-2010

Welcome. You originally from Nebraska?

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 05-25-2010


Re: Who are you - DurocShark - 05-26-2010

Saving it from the dust bin?

Re: Who are you - originalbart - 05-26-2010

My first name is ..... well I sure you've already figured it out. It's is original.

Re: Who are you - GregoryJ - 05-26-2010

My name is Gregory, prefer Greg, and the "J" is the first letter of my middle name, 56 years old, I have been turning since I got my Jet 1220VS from Hartville Hardware during their Feb 2010 tool sale. Although the force inside this vortex is tremendous, I have been accumulating the accessories slowly. I have to sell off something from my other hobby (O gauge trains) before I can purchase a woodturning goody.

I was kicked to the curb a little more than two years ago, after over 22 years with the company, so I spend time doing the job search thing, which appears to be a waste of time, but I digress. I worked in IT since 1972 doing just about everything imaginable, operator, programmer, tech support, management. I was just getting back into woodworking, hadn't persued WW since high school, when the axe fell.

I have also checked out several books on turning from the local library, haven't been able to get any DVD's through the library. I have watched many Youtube videos on woodturning, several multiple times. Tremendous variety of styles and techniques to learn from. I watched two different turner's videos on how to make a cup & ball toy before I attempted to make one for the recent challenge.

What I like the most about woodturning is that it lets you take a hunk of scrap wood and make something either useful or decorative out of it.

Thanks for letting me play.

Re: Who are you - DIYdappler - 05-26-2010

Welcome, Greg!

Re: Who are you - twopoint - 05-27-2010

well I guess its my turn. getting back into turning after being out a loooooong time. I was at a farmers market, looking at a few wood items being sold and thought to myself, I can do much better then that. . . done a few pens, just started my 1st bowl and vase

Re: Who are you - Neal Addy - 06-27-2010

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