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Re: Who are you - gramps - 06-28-2010

I just saw this thread. I'm Jim as my sig implies, 22 years in the Air Force, a stint with Lockheed. I have been unemployed (retired if you like) for about 18 years now. Started turning almost 2 weeks ago. You all have seen every piece I have made so far (both of them). It sure is nice to have a forum where you can take advantage of all this knowledge and watch the cat fights too!


Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 01-02-2011


Re: Who are you - gb_ibmguy - 01-02-2011

Just wondered into this thread today.

I'm Greg (yes, another one!). I'm soon to be 60. Turning now for a good 3 weeks after a 40 some year hiatus.

I can see already my flat work is going to be taking a back seat.
(No, never worked for IBM, just like their stuff)


Re: Who are you - BaileyNo5 - 01-02-2011

Kevin. A Bailey No 5 was my first real tool. Old enough to have two married kids (plus one unmarried), but young enough to think I can still keep up with them. Took woodworking in high school, then had long periods where other things got in the way. Started back up in 2004 with a kayak build, then got real serious a year ago. Started turning in Sept 2010.

Re: Who are you - Lyle Rawlins - 01-03-2011

Lyle Rawlins from Corona, CA.

I started doing pens about 3 years ago then made my first bowl about one year ago.

Am now hopelessly hooked on making wood dizzy and finding out just what's hiding in that piece of wood.

I've noticed once you start turning you never look at a tree the same again.

Re: Who are you - 2beast - 01-03-2011

I am Greg Salata........49

I grew up in the nursery business.

This ultimately led me to woodworking, appreciating trees from their earliest stages of life to their final ending in wood..............kind of full circle.

I have only been turning for a few weeks and really appreciate all the tips and support I have been given so far

Re: Who are you - Patsfan - 01-03-2011

For those who don't know me, my name is Mike.

one of my favorite turning stories

Sir Chiz, tha master of miniatures was teaching a few of us to turn pens.

After more than my share of catches and misses, I finally got a more or less pen shaped object on the lathe.

I called Chiz over to show how muhc progress I had made.

His exact words were, "I think we can fix that."

Re: Who are you - Huskerfan - 01-03-2011

Hey Jerikson, I just say your post, yes I a originally from Nebraska. Eventhough I've lived in ohio for 33 years now, I still consider myself to be a Cornhusker. How about you; are you a Husker too?

Re: Who are you - jerickson - 01-04-2011

I never lived there, but both parents, grandparents, etc., are from there. My dad is a Nebraska graduate. I went to a game last season. Got to watch Suh dominate. Good times!

Re: Who are you - pvwoodcrafts - 01-04-2011

Mike Simpson : Been self employed woodworker since 1992.Judy, my wife, works with me full time also. Have my own kiln and a pretty vast lumber supply. Yeah it got away from me. Been turning for a couple years now. life is good