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Re: Who are you - Jason/Woody - 01-04-2011

Patsfan said:

His exact words were, "I think we can fix that."

Re: Who are you - ChuckO1234 - 01-10-2011

Thanks, Yak for bumping this up. I last posted around page 17. Since then, I have bought a Nova 16-24 and am working up to larger bowls than I could turn on my Shopsmith. Love the forum and the work people have to show as well as the helpful advice. I am retired 6 years, turning occasionally about that long. Making more blanks and collecting more wood than ever gets turned round.

Re: Who are you - gregsturnings - 01-10-2011

Neal Addy said:

Me? My real name is Mutley. 48. Been turning for 3-1/2 years.

What a coincidence, my name is also Mutley, most call me four letter words. Been turning about 25 years with segmented turning the last 10 years.

Re: Who are you - Sgt Beavis - 01-11-2011

I'm Rick Boyett out of Lake Dallas, TX. 39 years old and I've been turning for a few years. However I'm just now expanding my knowledge base with bowls and other turnings..

Here is my web site. My wife and I are currently trying to adopt a child..

Re: Who are you - Mistake.Maker - 01-11-2011

Another Mike 36 (I thought I was 35 but the math says I am 36) Manager of a toxicity lab. I have been slowly destroying nice pieces of wood since high school. I like to do it all and I am just starting to destroy wood with a lathe.

I do hope the trees never figure out what I do to them or they wood get up and leave. (oh I think I am funny too)

Re: Who are you - Gregory of Sherwood Forest - 01-12-2011

Funny, I don't remember ever seeing this thread before, but I just noticed that I posted in it in 2008.

Must be getting as old as most of you. Memory's fading....


Re: Who are you - MarksmanD - 01-12-2011

Hello all
Rob here in north NJ near NYC. Retired from being a Motion Picture Cameraman about a dozen tears ago and got into wood full time.
Did a little turning over the years, mostly spindle for table legs. Just started bowl turning last year and getting better at it. Wanted to get more experience to help my expertise in creating and selling exotic blanks
Currently run/own marksman wood. Lots of exotic stuff(solid and veneer). Mostly selling to luthiers and shops
Current lathes, old Delta 36VS that I restored (garage) and a Ceneral VS Maxi-Lathe in the shop(my winter lathe)


Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 02-22-2011


Re: Who are you - Larry528 - 02-23-2011

Mistake.Maker said:

I do hope the trees never figure out what I do to them or they wood get up and LEAF :


Re: Who are you - 5thumbs - 02-23-2011

My name is Jim. I'm semi-retired (still consulting) in the scientific instrument field. I did some woodworking about 40 years ago; now I've gotten back into it since I sold my sailboat.

I plan to start turning in about 1 week, just as soon as I buy a lathe. I expect to make all the stupid mistakes in the first year; I'll wait for the 2nd year to make the smart mistakes. I want to get into bowl turning and I'll post some results along the way (if they're not too embarassing!)

Really like reading the posts on here and seeing different approaches to problems.