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Re: Who are you - jaws - 02-23-2011

John - 47 years old. Been working at a brewery for about 26 years now. I've owned a lathe for about 2 years now but only turned it on about 10 times! (I collect tools but skeered to use them. )

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 05-16-2011


Re: Who are you - glennw - 05-16-2011

Nmae is Glenn or to my families friends in new york I am little sheldon. I have been turning for about 5 years.

Re: Who are you - hairy - 05-16-2011

hairy. It's an adjective, not a pronoun. I haven't cut my hair or shaved since I got out of the military, and don't have plans to.

USAF 1971 to 75, OANG 1977 to 94.

The only job I've ever had is a mechanic. Mostly bomb loaders, generators and air conditioners for Uncle Sam. I've never been a car mechanic, but I worked on a lot of trucks and off road crap. Last year I retired after 30 years fixing city buses in Cincinnati.

I've been woodworking and turning about 3 years now. I always had the desire, but had to go to work.

I'm into old harley's and antique guns, and cooking.

Re: Who are you - Neal Addy - 09-07-2011


Re: Who are you - crokettâ„¢ - 09-07-2011

You should be able to guess my first name. although the funny part is nickname was given to me in college by a Miami Vice fan.

I have been turning since January. The last two weeks is the first time that I feel like I know what I am doing. That doesn't mean I think I am good, just that I feel like I am somewhat competent, at least with a bowl gouge.

Edited to add, hey Patsfan - my first week in class I turned an end-grain bowl (had I known better I would not have used end-grain) and after working for over an hour on a 5x5x3 block I produced a more or less bowl shaped object. I called my instructor over, he said just about the same thing.

Re: Who are you - Woodshop - 09-08-2011

Would everyone please FILL OUT your, MY PROFILE.
yes you too Anthony
" this has been a public service announcement"
and Thank you to those who have.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 11-15-2011


Re: Who are you - Ambidex - 11-15-2011

George..am truly experienced..3 weeks under my belt ...am hooked bigtime...nice to meet ya!

Re: Who are you - AHill - 11-15-2011

Allan Hill. 55 yrs old. I live in the Mojave Desert NE of LA. I'm a reliability, maintainability, and supportability engineer in the aerospace industry. I can't talk about the things I do at work. Been turning for about 3 years; seriously for the last year or so. Mostly bowls, handled things, and, as of last night, added a platter to my repertoire. Turning is a lot of fun, but a lot more messy than my traditional hand tools! A good kind of messy.