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Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-24-2011


Re: Who are you - Ambidex - 12-24-2011

never tried countinem

Re: Who are you - dartman - 12-24-2011

The name is Alan Miller but my friends call me Mr. Jippy.

Re: Who are you - Window Guy - 12-25-2011

I will jump in my name is Steve Massie age 63 been retired since November 2009. I think from my user Name you can tell what industry I was in. I was a Product Manager with one of the largest Architectural Aluminum Manufactures in the World working in the Window and Sliding Glass Door Division.

I have never turned a piece of wood in my life but want to start making pens etc. for gifts. I have had a ShopSmith since 1982 which came with their standard 5 piece chisel set. Not sure what else I will need, but this is what I have right now.

I am usually am at the Hand Tools forum and love WoodNet. I have visited here several times and have asked a few questions which people have been very helpful. Now I am ready to jump in and mess a few things up.

Great thread and obviously the best forum going.


PS: Once I get started I will be back asking more dumb questions.

Re: Who are you - originalbart - 12-25-2011

Bill Grumbine said:

Well my real name is ert321! I just took the screen name Bill Grumbine because I figured no one else would want it.

Well you know Bill some one just has to be outstanding in their field or barns which ever their out standing in first.

How's the American Beauty spinning?

Bart Leetch

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 05-04-2012

Hey there!!!

Re: Who are you - Cape Cod - 05-04-2012

I'm John. Early 50s, married, 2 college-age girls, and 2 dawgs.

I'm new to turning. Just got a Delta 46-460 VS. So I venture up stairs into the daylight a little more now.

I am a self-employed machinist by trade. I work out of my garage.

Tough part about that is the Delta is sitting there staring at me all day long while I'm trying to earn a living.

On the plus side, I have the equipment and know-how to build my own tools and fixtures. I am in the process of building a "Wolverine" jig. Next up is a steadyrest.

Re: Who are you - Dennis Puskar - 05-04-2012

My name is Dennis retired since 2004, turning off and on since 1964 more off than on.

Re: Who are you - Rich's Woodcraft - 05-04-2012

Name is Richard Wile, do not hide behind some obtuse moniker. Been turning for 20+ years mostly for round bits to support my projects, sometimes for my mental health (good and bad).

Like this thread.


Re: Who are you - dartman - 05-04-2012

My name is Alan Or I answer to biggie,lumpy or gumby.I'm 51yo married 4 kids 9 grand kids and a dog.I am disabled and have been turning about a year now.