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Re: Who are you - joemac - 05-04-2012

I am Joe. I have done flat work for 15 years or so. I am a retired LEO after 36 years, and currently teach two days per week at a community college in Chicago. This pays for my woodworking "jones".

I started to turn about 6 months ago, just pens, pepper mills, pizza cutters and tool handles and got grabbed REAL hard into the vortex.

Next month is my 65th birthday and I bought my own gift, a Robust Sweet 16. I picked it up yesterday. It currently resides in the rear of my Suburban in the garage. I had a "procedure" done today so I really don't feel like messing with anything for a few days.

If all goes well on Monday, I will figure a way to get it from my truck to my basement.

Re: Who are you - Bucko - 05-04-2012

I am Buck, Just joined today. I have been turning wood for 4 yrs now. Done deer calls mostly but have gotten in the vortex for bowl style turning now for the past year and a half and hope to turn out a few rolling pins this summer.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 05-04-2012

Hooked a boat load today

Re: Who are you - Demps - 05-05-2012

I am Bill. Have managed a business unit for a large global steel company for number of years. Will retire at 65 in a year. 15 years of flat work, made the "mistake" of taking a woodcraft intro course to turning at xmas, last. Got the bug for sure, delta 46-469vs +tools, tools, tools, so far. A raw beginner in the vortex.

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 06-29-2012

I'm still bumping these!!

Re: Who are you - oreos40 - 08-02-2012

Roger E. Oldre. Best part of the oREO's I got the email account when I was 40. Henc the name Oreos40. I have been a production turner since I was six years old in my dads shop. I am now 51. Turned everything from beads to 24 foot columns. I have built many specialty peices of equipment through the years for woodworking. I am an industrial mechanic and machinist by trade looking to finish of my shop and get back to enjoying woodwork again. I have posted some videos on You tube. Any uploade by oreos40 would be mine. Nice to find a down to earth forum to be a part of!

Re: Who are you - Woodshop - 08-02-2012

welcome to the woodturning forum oreos40.
you can put this information in your Bio so when others click on your name they can see it and where your from. people forget we have that feature here.

Re: Who are you - Bob Atchison - 08-02-2012

Bob Atchison

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-14-2012

Once again

Re: Who are you - PuyallupPete - 12-22-2012

Peter, 47, engineer/manager for a state environmental regulatory agency. I've been turning off and on (mostly off) for a few years. Although I've been doing flat work for years, I'm a total NOOB as far as turning goes. Due to an inheritance, I've got 3 lathes: JET 1441 (I think), a 14" Delta, and the piece de resistance, a Vega 24" bowl lathe - which I've never even turned on. I also inherited probably 20 or so different lathe tools, talon chuck, both a Tormac and 8" slow speed grinders, and countless other accoutrements.

In spite of my seeming embarrassment of riches, I have no flippen' idea how to turn. All I've managed to make are a fifty or so pens when I first started and a dozen pepper grinders for Xmas gifts this year. I'd desperately like to learn how to turn a bowl but don't know where to start.