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Re: Who are you - MsNomer - 12-22-2012

Carolyn Smith. Soon to be 66, but dont feel it. Retired from lawyering a few years ago. Theoretically, I have plenty of time for WW, but we travel a lot and my shop has no heat or air.

Bought a lathe in about 2007 because my family wanted me to. Turned a few things, but so far have not fallen down the slope, though I enjoy seeing what others do. I much prefer flat work with two-dimensional curves, particularly if made from reclaimed wood, so I'm more active upstairs.

Re: Who are you - Rodneywt1180b - 12-22-2012

Rodney Walker, currently fighting Melanoma. Woodworking is what I like to do and I've been slowly rebuilding old woodworking tools and machines to get the shop I want.
My daughter Olivia and I are still learning to turn and the challenges on this forum help us with that.

Re: Who are you - sniper - 12-22-2012

An update for my original 2/08 post:

I've now been turning for 4 1/2 years. Got started turning pens for our local Freedom Pen group and this past year, made 210 pens for the group. I bought a Jet 1220VS and have maxed it out a few times experimenting with different things. I'm now in the market for a PM 3520B.

I'm now 52, an Electrical Engineer who designs computer mother boards and other high speed logic circuits. I do mostly flat work but am anticipating taking off on turning when I get my bigger lathe. The front porch of my shop is full of bowl blanks waiting for me.

Re: Who are you - AgGEM - 12-23-2012

OK, I'll bite too. My name is Stevan Sweeney, and not complaining about my age (57). Although, there are days.......
My Woodnet handle comes from this:

The Princeton Agricultural Ground Effect Machine (AgGEM) which my father designed. I use my lathe to build models of it:

and the PGEM:

Right now I have two museum commissions to do of the PGEM. I am not sure if I like turning quite yet, but I might be warming up to it. At this point, it is a means to an end. I just bought a Nova 1624 which replaced my 10" Fisch. So with a 16" swing, I can now build bigger models, which is nice!
Ag (Steve)

P.S. Not to hog more space but here is my other lathe, which I do enjoy using:

OK, I am done!

Re: Who are you - prscustom24 - 12-26-2012

Ok, I'm another Mike. A much better guitarist than turner, possibly because I've studied guitar for 52 years, while I probably have less than 52 hours total in on the lathe in the past 2-3 years.

Recently joined a turners' group in hopes of learning from the experiences of others. Same idea as always trying to gig with more accomplished pickers -- gets you up the learning curve faster.

Re: Who are you - Jonathan55 - 12-27-2012

Jonathan Smith, I'm a registered nurse from Cleveland Ohio. I've been turning off and on for a few years but then seriously for about 1 1/2 years. basically it's been that long since I've made anything flat!

Re: Who are you - Humanbackhoe - 12-27-2012

Window Guy said:

I was a Product Manager with one of the largest Architectural Aluminum Manufactures in the World working in the Window and Sliding Glass Door Division.

Very interesting, Steve.

I always thought you were the stunt double for Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window


Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 04-01-2013


Re: Who are you - Bob Atchison - 04-01-2013

Bob Atchison.
Soon to turn 68.
Been turning since July, 2012
Self employed

Use a Delta 46-460 with extension.

Hoping Snider will invite me up to help
clear out a few of the bowl blanks on his shop's

Turning is the most fun you can have with your
clothes on!

Re: Who are you - perfgen - 04-01-2013

David 58, been turning for 40 years.

Currently alternating between wood working and writing my second novel.