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Re: Who are you - sin - 12-21-2007

Real name's Dave and I've started turning a few months ago..... been lured here from the flat side. I started off trying to get my wife interested in turning so when I needed something "turned", I'd keep it in the family. Well, it looks like that backfired...... now, I'm behind in furniture and home improvement projects. Good news is.... the wife is interested and starting to ask questions. So now I just need to plan my time better............... well, actually..... ALOT better. Oh and I'm an old 45 yrs. young......

Re: Who are you - KevinfromIndy - 12-21-2007

"I woke up in a SoHo doorway, a Policeman knew my name. He said you can go sleep at home tonight, if you can get up and walk away."

Sorry - for a second I was channeling Pete Townshend.

-Kevin in Indy

Re: Who are you - Cian - 12-21-2007

I'm Cian.

Pronounced "Shawn."

It's an Old Gaelic Irish spelling.

Problem is, I'm not Irish.

I'm Filipino.

And why is it do they spell Filipino with an "F" when the Philippines is with a "PH"?

Anyway, I'm a ripe 37 years old.

I've been equipped to turn for about a year.

I've been turning for negative 6 months.

(I figure I'll start turning in possibly six months if I ever get my shop done. )

Re: Who are you - Sascha - 12-21-2007

cool thread.

Sascha Gast, 38 years old, originally from germany, been living in Los Angeles for the past 12 years. Hairstylist, woodworking for 5 years, turning for 4 years.
also love photography, saltwater aquariums and premium cigars.

Re: Who are you - chips ahoy - 12-21-2007

Mel Delaney,62 years old and retired.Been turning for three years,other passion is golf.


My turning addiction is all creatures fault.

Re: Who are you - creature - 12-21-2007

Dave Wilkins. Creature and woodturningcreature came from my better half, around here I don't often hear my real name anymore.
I'm 34 and have been turning six years now. I live in Halifax NS

If anyone in the Chicago/Shaumburg area is interested in a coffee/turning talk I'll be at the wood show there in jan/feb.

Re: Who are you - LarryG - 12-21-2007

Larry Guthrie...been called Arlo and Woody (how fitting)...no relation to either that I know. Turning about 3 years I think. Bowls, platters, plates, and boxes are among my favorite to turn. Newest hobby is learning to play guitar...talk about a vortex.

Re: Who are you - pinky - 12-21-2007

Hi, My name is John. I'm 46. I was at a craft show in Hawaii 9 years ago. I was blown away by the wooden bowls. The very next day I was looking for my 1st lathe. I have alot more ideas in my head on what I would like to make than the time and energy to do so. I have met quite a few woodnetters. A good bunch of guys.

Re: Who are you - Brian McInturff - 12-21-2007

And I'm Brian McInturff, hence Turff49. I'm an Environmental Site Manager for Hazardous waste cleanup. Whew, I hate having to say all that. Been turning for about 3-4 yrs.

"That twitch and glow, no sir, I thought that was normal"

Re: Who are you - stoppy - 12-21-2007

Jim , 65 yrs old been turning almost 3 yrs. Stoppy was a nickname given me in grade school sometime around the middle of the last century.