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Re: Who are you - ProfessorPhil - 12-23-2014

Phil - Obsessed since 2008. Teach bending and Shaker box making at local college. Now also teaching beg, inter, and adv turning at same institution.
My baby - Robust American Beauty 25 and more tools than most stores.

Re: Who are you - Rick F - 12-23-2014


I am from Canada, been turning for about a month ..

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 12-24-2014

This is one of the oldest threads on WN, I would hope that in the event I get hit by lightning or squished by a 100 ton boulder someone would keep this going

Re: Who are you - Old Soldier - 12-25-2014

Ron Hornibrook, 80 years old, retired from the US Army in 1974, just started turning, pens only at this point, but likely will try larger stuff in the future.

Re: Who are you - Roger T - 12-25-2014

Real name is Roger T. go figure. Live 35 miles SW of Chicago. Been turning close to 15 years I think. Saw Dick Sing do an ornament demo at our WW'ing club once and told myself, I can do that too. Bought a Jet lathe shortly after that and started making chips. I'm on my last lathe now. It's been a fun ride, and I think I'm finally startin to get the hang of this turnin stuff!

Merry Christmas everyone, keep your tools sharp and make lots of chips.


Re: Who are you - blbcollector - 12-31-2014

Hi, I'm Terry Kilgore. Long time lurker. I work as a shift supervisor in a light bulb factory. For my 60th birthday, my wife signed me up for a five day class at a wood working school in Indiana. I went in October and the class was about woodturning basics. Turning between centers, sharpening, bowl turning etc. I was badly bitten by the woodturning bug. Upon returning home, I told my wife it's a shame that I don't have a lathe so I can practice what I learned. She smiled and said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you that buying a lathe was part of the deal." The lathe is on order and should be delivered next week.

Re: Who are you - knight82 - 01-05-2015

Real name "Tim" or as my wife says "Timmah"

Just turned 55yr and have been trying to teach myself turning for the last 5 years on and off.

After remodeling several homes top to bottom I started making furniture after watching Norm and my dad. Thought turning looked fun so attended a few club demos and started to teach myself how to turn. Work, more major home improvements on current home and flatwork keep pulling me away from self teaching. Kind of in the boonies but I do have a local woodworking expert to get occasional clues from. I have way more woodturning tools than I will probably ever learn how to use proficiently though . Between the self-learning frustrations and time constraints, it may be a while till I am near as proficient as I'd like to be. Too many interests and not enough time!

Re: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 08-09-2015

Bump for the heck of it

Re: Who are you - iclark - 08-09-2015

Ivan Clark, 62 years old, been turning for 4 or 5 years now.

Seems like I spend too much time turning money into tools rather than making shavings.

I've been a NASA researcher for ~44 years now. Various research areas over the years with the common theme being that I am a sensors guy.

Re: Who are you - jgourlay - 08-11-2015

iclark said:

Ivan Clark, 62 years old, been turning for 4 or 5 years now.

Seems like I spend too much time turning money into tools rather than making shavings.

You will now move into the phase where you spend more time making places to keep your tools than making whatever you told your wife you were going to make when you started all this.