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RE: Who are you - scpapa - 07-31-2016

I find the almost instant gratification of creating something on the lathe the biggest problem. I have to make myself actually finish sanding before adding the finish, I am in such a hurry to see the "finished" product.


RE: Who are you - Shop Dad - 07-31-2016

Another Doug here. Have kids and shop thus the screen name. Been turning about 4 years, flatwork longer. I spend roughly equal time woodworking/turning, improving the garage/shop, and obsessing over vintage machinery.

RE: Who are you - glennw - 07-31-2016

Name is Glenn I have been turning and doing woodworking for over ten years. I am not proficient in turning bowls but I am trying to learn  it better. I make pens, bottle stoppers, and anything that would be flat work related. I make shadow boxes, flag boxes, challenge coin holders but will make anything. I always like to chat with other woodworkers.

RE: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 02-04-2017


RE: Who are you - sawdust703 - 02-04-2017

name is brad. have been woodworking over 20 years. the scroll saw is my addiction. I just started turning the last couple years. More to incorporate it with my scroll work. My lathe is a 12" x 33". Nothing fancy, my tools aren't either. I just want to learn at my own pace.

RE: Who are you - Bill Holt - 02-09-2017

I enjoyed looking back at the old post and remembering some of the guys who were regular contributors.  

I retired in 2010, still enjoy designing and building furniture.  Joined the Woodturners of North Texas club in Fort worth maybe three years ago and they have pushed my turning skills to a new level.  I do enjoy turning but....having a lathe and a club membership does not make a person a turner!

WoodNet provides me with an abundance of information and encouragement!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Who are you - mranum - 02-13-2017

Little late but I'll chime in as well. Name is Matt, screen name is my name with my first initial.  Started turning 7 or 8 years ago(dont seem like it). Mainly small stuff like turkey calls, pens, and birdhouse ornaments but started with walking canes. Dabbled with some small bowls but determined I need a heavier machine for bowls. I use a a refurbed 10ER Shopsmith that I outfitted with a Nova chuck and a variable speed treadmill motor and control.

RE: Who are you - AnthonyYak - 10-31-2017

This has to be the longest running thread here

RE: Who are you - Stwood_ - 10-31-2017

Steve. Been turning since I was a pup. Actually middle school. First year of woodworking was woodturning. We all turned gearshift knobs for our cars. I turned a barrel knob for my 57 chevy, 283 with 327 fuelie heads and a 4-speed.

RE: Who are you - chips ahoy - 11-01-2017

Mr Yak,sir
Thanks for keeping this thread alive.I just noticed it last night and yes I read every page.It is unfortunate that some of our once frequent turners,no longer participate,but we seem to be gaining some new turners.Recently I have been turning segmented salt and pepper mills,I am on my last set now and after that will move on to something else.I do slip the occasional pen in there.Also been busy helping out my neighbors,she bought a shopsmith and he bought a small lathe,so I am constantly getting calls for help.Also my boarder,got the turning bug and bought a small lathe,but uses mine when his reaches it's limit.He has plans to buy a larger lathe,probably a Ricon VS.It's been interesting reading back through the names,some of whom I know what they are doing know.Once again Anthony,thanks for keeping the thread alive and all the best to the turners.