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Re: Who are you - Bill Blasic - 12-21-2007

That's my real name, I wanted to be Bill Grumbine but that ert321 guy used it. Been turning for about 6 of my 61 years and I'm starting my third year as President of Preque Isle Woodturners in Erie, PA. It's been an enjoyable albeit expensive 6 years but I would not trade the the times and people I've met for anything.

Re: Who are you - Kaytrim - 12-21-2007

My real name is Michael - another software developer, 40 years old and been turning for about 2 months. I started making custom joysticks as an offshoot of my favorite pastime, arcade machines. Then I started looking for a way to make my creations stand out a bit. I came up with the idea to use wooden tops to match the case. I purchased a Jet 1014VS and started down the slippery slope.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

Re: Who are you - Woodshop - 12-21-2007

Im Don
I am one of the few that BOTHERED MY (insert word) TO FILL OUT MY PROFILE.


Re: Who are you - theeviltwinn - 12-21-2007



Re: Who are you - MauBow - 12-21-2007

I'm Jeff, been turning for right 1 year now. I also filled out my profile, if anyone cares to take a look.

Re: Who are you - Gary G™ - 12-21-2007


My real name is Gary; folks call me Gary, Gary G, Mr. G, or Bubba.

Been doing flatwork a while.
I turned one or two little things some time ago but didn't really use a lathe.
I've been turning pens just over a year -- Dec. 10th '07, I made my first one.
Last month, I turned my first lidded box and a couple 'o ugly goblets.
This year, I expect to try more experiments with the lathe.
Lookin' forward to visitin' here more too.

Merry Christmas y'all.

Re: Who are you - peppers - 12-21-2007

John, but will answer to "JB", Peppers, "one more round", "Hay, big boy, you come here often". Now, I must admit that last one has never happened, but I would answer to it.
Been turning for a few years but still feel like a rookie...


Re: Who are you - peppers - 12-21-2007

WOW!! could it be true that when "Grampa Steve"'s mother used all three names she called him "Grampa Steve Hamilton" and he thought he was in trouble. She must have been one tough great-grandma!!


Re: Who are you - trafficman - 12-21-2007

Trafficman, T-Man. 47
John, JLo, MUT(ant)
WWr off-on 30-40 yrs. Electronic/Traffic Signal Tech for 25yr., Traffic Signal Timing Tech last 13yrs. 2nd generation Traffic guy as Dad was a Electronic/Traffic Signal Tech for 32yr. & started me in both WW and traffic signals.

Re: Who are you - DougWilkison - 12-21-2007

I'm Doug, and I've been turning about a year, mostly bowls though I still mostly make furniture.
57 years and still working in software, BI products.
Woodworking is great when you get tired of 0 and 1