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Re: Who are you - DaveN - 12-21-2007

Dave Noon - 54. Mechanical designer within the steel industry. Have a machining background - steel - from a an apprenticeship.

Been turning for about 1 1/2 years, but not nearly enough.

Originally from U.K. now in Ontario Canada.

Re: Who are you - Husker9 - 12-21-2007

My mother calls me Steven but most folks leave it at Steve. Started woodturning in my uncles shop in about 1954 which must make me one of the old guys that looks at this site. One time I made a billy club for a cop in Washington DC. Made it out of Hedge because he said his kept breaking when in use. However he found out that if the club does not break when in use the paperwork will go on for a long time. So it never got used for its intended purpose. I kept it for years and tried to break it many times with no success. Wonder where it is now?? :

Re: Who are you - elderbarryl - 12-21-2007

Elder, Barry L. 65
Started turning pens in 2003 but got sidetracked by two hurricanes in 2004. Spent a year salvaging wood.

Re: Who are you - Kevin G. - 12-21-2007

Kevin Gilmore, 45, been turning for -6 months, waiting for a tail stock on a Powermatic 90. But I'm keeping busy making boxes and frames till I get one...

Got interested in WW'ng because of a turner (can't remember his name) who made spectacular pens, stoppers, and ornaments. That's what I want to learn, and with all the expert help on this forum I'm sure I'll have no problems.

Oh yeah, work for Bosch as an IT guy...nice discount on tools too...wife rolls her eyes a lot when I come home, "Guess what I bought today!"

Re: Who are you - raney - 12-21-2007

My real name's Raney. Thus the screen name (one of the advantages of an unusual name).

I started turning about 3 weeks ago and I'm still trying hopelessly to convince myself I'm not going to be a turner. That lathe (and chucks.. and thompson tools... and Scorpion/stinger hollowing tools... and bowl blanks... and sanding gear... and longworth chuck... and Robust-envy) is just a passing phase. It's just to supplement flat-work with things like drawer pulls and tool handles... I'm sure of it

Re: Who are you - Charolaisbreeder - 12-21-2007

Wilford Bickel - 53, Laboratory Director for a Chemical Company (Specialized Chemical Engineer) and the wife and I run a Registered Charolais Cattle Farm. Started turning in High School, worked part of my way through college as a carpenter, got back into turning about 5 years ago! Theres no hope for me now - the 12 step program won't break this addiction!

Re: Who are you - TDKPE - 12-21-2007

I'm Tom, and have been turning on and off for over 40 years on the same old 1944 Delta 1460 that my granddaddy brought home from the war plant he worked in. I find turning relaxing, though I don't consider myself terribly good at it.

I'm an engineer, designing large machinery, mostly tower cranes for high steel construction, but sometimes other nifty things, like this big green monster for the FAA. If you look real close, you can just see me in the white on-board control room, saying "cheese".

Re: Who are you - Dan F - 12-21-2007

Grumpa steve said:

Steve Hamilton
Turning for about 4 years
If Mom used all three of my names
I was in trouble.

Grumpa steve

Wow, your mom called you Grumpa Steve Hamilton?


edit: Ooops, I see now that Peppers already used that.

Re: Who are you - MGoBlue1984 - 12-21-2007

Bob, professional pellet pusher (I sell plastic, see it comes in little teeny tiny pellets...never mind) and been turning for about 20 years. Been good at it for -1 year. Someday.

But I have met Grumbine and Wilford - maybe some of their skill beamed through the air.

Re: Who are you - Dan F - 12-21-2007

Dan Forman, 56, mental health counselor. Like many others, I first thought about making file and chisel handles and such. As it turns out, I've been mostly kept busy with making handles for lathe tools so far, but managed to work a couple of practice bowls and a pen in so far, want to work into vases and hollow forms.