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Re: Who are you - yaheh - 12-21-2007

I'm Rod.
I gave the wife a HF lathe for xmas last year
it was on sale, I saved money

it's worst then a boat .ha ha
but she's enjoying it ,
so we both play in the shop when possible

I'm sure we'll be upgrading it


Re: Who are you - mattgatten - 12-21-2007

Update....I've been a turner for 3 hours.

Re: Who are you - frog21 - 12-21-2007

Dale Bright here, been turning for almost a year. I already have 2 lathes, 3 chucks, 24 turning tools and lots of accessories. I have very little wood working experience. I really enjoy making natural edge bowls. I live in Purcellville, VA and I am 56 years old. My nickname (frog21) is from my days in the military.

Re: Who are you - SPITFIRE - 12-22-2007


Jason 26
Been turning for 1 whole week

boy I feel young

Re: Who are you - bbrickey - 12-22-2007

Hi, I'm Brodie Brickey
I've been turning since 2003. I work as a programmer here in SoCal and look for new project kits for turners.

If you've seen the coffee mug Malcolm Tibbetts turned in the Winter 2007 AAW mag, the insert is me, the awesome turning is Malcolm.

I turn mostly from logs or solid block, but I'm getting more into staved and segmented work especially for project kits as it sets them off better.


Re: Who are you - Brian IAFF - 12-22-2007

Im Brian, 28yo currently work as a firefighter/EMT. My first lathe was purchased about a year ago, as well as most of my tools after taking a 5 year break. Before going to fire school I worked in theatre as a scenic carp. doing set and prop building so its taking some time to dust the skills off but im having fun doing it so life is good

Re: Who are you - Benhamtroll - 12-22-2007

Chris Benham, 36.

I've been turning for about 5 months. My father is a turner, and bought me the lathe to share the hobby and to help me learn how to use the Rim Chuck, which we manufacture.

darn his eyes.

Re: Who are you - BoardStretcher - 12-22-2007

John Redding - 44 years old and been turning about 3 years off and on when not doing flatwork. Still suck at it, but have a ton of fun. My neighbor gave me the screen name when I was first starting out woodworking about 5 years ago - I really needed one (there's something to that measuring idea I hear about every so often).

Re: Who are you - Bernie W - 12-22-2007

I am Bernie Weishapl. Been turning 2 yrs. I am a supervisor for the Federal Aviation Admin after being a tech for 28 yrs. I also have a part time business restoring antique clocks for the last 26 yrs.


Re: Who are you - scpapa - 12-22-2007

Rick, 58. Been turning a whole month, now. A friend that has been turning 2 months, got me started. I can see the center of the vortex looming, as the flat work has taken a back seat. I took a begining class and have joined a club.
I have a Jet mini and a Nova chuck.