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Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - 2beast - 01-01-2014

Excellent start to this thread

Come on guys, put up some more pics of your work

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - Blacky's Boy - 01-01-2014

You asked for it.

For saw nuts


Stairsaws (the only shop made saws I'll post in this thread because there are way too many other ones!)


Marking Gauges:


Lathe tools

Plane Hammer

Marking Knife and Awl

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - Del Hilburn - 01-01-2014

Here are some of the ones I made over the holidays

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - henrypig - 01-01-2014

Small router plane:

Chisel handles (with BaileyNo5):

Drawknife sheath:

Small tools:

Sharpening station:

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - Craig D - 01-01-2014

A big wooden bi-square and a couple of small planes:

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - Scoony - 01-01-2014

Here are a few

These side escarpment planes are an ongoing project. Just got some beech so I will start over on these. Also working on a wooden smoother

I made an edge float and a pair of cheek floats for these but don't have a good pic of them.

Dovetail saw

Carcass saw

Tenon and mortice cutter for chair making

A compass plane that can really hog away material for seat shaping

Bow saw

Some radius cutters

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - Timberwolf - 01-02-2014

Marking gauges..

Dovetail saw..

Block plane

carving knives..

Pick and unfinished handle..

More carving knives and small carving..

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - BaileyNo5 - 01-02-2014

The most important shop tool...

Turned the one on the right, used the one on the left as a go-by.

Various screwdrivers.

Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - KlausK. - 01-02-2014

Lots of outstanding shop made tools here... Some of you are incredibly productive for sure. The main benefit of this great thread might be the amount of inspiration one gets.

I like to build my own tools also, if I can find the time. Two of them:

A wooden shooting plane with lead filled (weighs about 7 lbs)

A plane hammer with ebony handle and inlayed ebony button


Re: Post pics of your homemade tools - Corneel - 01-02-2014

lwilliams said:

I decided to try to make three sets for plane making. They're 7/8", 5/8" and 3/8" wide. The first photo is of them after stress relieving, the second photo is my set with handles I rushed through to test the steel, and the third is Don using his. I would guess that Don uses his for about 90% of his chisel work and I almost always reach for mine with I'm doing anything with a chisel.

Wow! They are not laminated perhaps? Do you make them from one piece of O1? How did you get that bolster on the end?

Great effort.

Ps, I see you have allready answered my questions. Great effort nonetheless. I do wonder if a blacksmith couldn't produce such chisels with a lot less effort? Apart from the Japanese bladesmiths there doesn't seem to be much blacksmithing around anymore in the chisel area.