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PVC Trap Leaking - Gibbcutter - 08-08-2015

Garbage disposal leads to PVC trap. Everything appears to be lined up correctly. I even replaced the plastic ring that goes around the male insert. Still, connection keeps leaking. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - WxMan - 08-08-2015

I've had a few leakers like that over the years. The only things I've ever done are:

1. Take it apart and check for burrs or debris.

2. Tighten it all very tight, even to the point of using locking pliers.

3. Failing the above, replace the setup. PVC for under the sink is so inexpensive that it's not worth dealing with forever just to make the in place set up work. Life is simply too short to deal with this particular frustration for very long.

OBTW: I use teflon tape in all the joints. Don't know if that's recommended or not, I just always have.

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - Herb G - 08-08-2015

Take it apart to find the crack. I guarantee you'll find one.

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - woodhead - 08-08-2015

Use Teflon paste at the joints, coat the rings.


Re: PVC Trap Leaking - Gibbcutter - 08-08-2015

What should I coat the rings with?

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - woodhead - 08-08-2015

Teflon paste

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - JGrout - 08-08-2015

Herb G said:

Take it apart to find the crack. I guarantee you'll find one.


Re: PVC Trap Leaking - daveferg - 08-08-2015

Also---make sure the ring is facing the right direction----

Make sure the garbage disposal is mounted up tight to the flange----vibration can loosen fittings----

Along the same lines---make sure size and length of pipes is not strained or forced into place---again---makes them subject to working lose-----

Finally be careful how much stuff you have jammed under the sink---most of the leaks I've had are when my wife has jammed too much under the sink or the trash can is pushing against the pipes.

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - daddo - 08-08-2015

Replace it.

Re: PVC Trap Leaking - Bob10 - 08-08-2015

Yep if's glued cut it off replace otherwise buy new toss out the old as I doubt it has any sentimental value and get it done. I keep extras on hand just for this type thing