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605-1/2C Value? - DaveBeauchesne - 09-13-2015

Asking the brain trust for a value - I have a friend who asked me the value of a flat side 605-1/2 C he has. Real nice condition, looks original, not cleaned up at all, has two patent dates - last one is the -10
( sorry, I didn't get the first part ) - he doesn't want to sell it, but I want him to have an idea what it is worth - me thinks pretty good $$ - Bedrocks are as rare as hen's teeth here on the WestCoast, so to see one is a treat for me!



Re: 605-1/2C Value? - DaveParkis - 09-13-2015

Really difficult to estimate without seeing any pics. You might want to do an "advanced" search at the famous auction site and check completed listings. That will give you an idea of what they're actually selling for.

Re: 605-1/2C Value? - RB61 - 09-13-2015

Found this one on local Craigslist. It had been through two floods.

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