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PM 2000 dust collection - Demps - 09-26-2015

I'm moving into new shop and have everything stripped of dust collection. Needing to rip some stuff, I stuck shopvac hose into PM 2000 dust port and dust collection was roughly same as with 5 inch pipe/hose reduced to 4 right at the port. So, the question, has anyone modified the stock set up of small hose up to blade shroud? I'm thinking of shop vac to the shroud and new 5 inch port to the cabinet. Any thoughts?

Re: PM 2000 dust collection - MichaelMouse - 09-26-2015

Makes sense that the blade shroud could use velocity - shop vac - to pick dust up and transport it. The cabinet wouldn't care too much, given that the dust doesn't have to overcome gravity, if you use the high volume collector.

Re: PM 2000 dust collection - Cian - 09-26-2015

IMO, you will benefit more by adding above the blade dust collection.