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What Battery Charger... - gMike - 10-13-2015

...do I need for a sealed lead acid battery with the following specs:

4.5 volt/4.5ah/10 hr battery.

It came out of a solar charged security light that was defective. I scavenged the battery and LED panel and I'd like to make some kind of light for the shed but without a way to charge the little battery I'm shirt out of luck.

Any thoughts?

Re: What Battery Charger... - blackhat - 10-13-2015

Find one of those little universal wall warts that have multiple output voltages. I've a couple kicking around somewhere acquired over the years. Best Buy or Source or similar type place.

Re: What Battery Charger... - gMike - 10-13-2015

Hmm, I might have one of those hanging around here someplace, I'll have to look.


Re: What Battery Charger... - woodhead - 10-14-2015

If you have power in the shed to charge a battery, then why not use a real light bulb?


Re: What Battery Charger... - gMike - 10-14-2015

No juice in the shed, just a pile of garden stuff that gets used occasionally.

Re: What Battery Charger... - rschissler - 10-14-2015

Maybe charge it with solar?

Since there is no power in the shed, won't you have to constantly remove the battery so you can charge it? It seems that would get annoying after awhile.

Re: What Battery Charger... - daddo - 10-14-2015

You can get a 12 volt dc spiral light bulb that uses 13 watts, a lawn tractor battery and a solar charger and have hours of light in the shed.

Or weigh the cost of running 120v to the shed over a period of years vs a battery system.