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Metal roof help needed - Herb - 11-02-2015

I have a 30 year old stran steel roof that all the coating is gone and it is starting to rust. The rust is just starting and not flacky and does not come off on your hand. Is there a coating I can put on the roof that will also cover and stop the rust, or will the rust have to be treated and then a coating put on? All so, if I must coat the rust first, is there a coating that requires not prep or sealing first?

Thank you,

Re: Metal roof help needed - daddo - 11-02-2015

My shop has an old corrugated metal roof that has been rusted for many many years. I've tried just about everything in a spot and soon it just comes back. Can't find anything to compete with the sun. I figure the metal is so thick it will take many years to rust through at which time I'll just replace it.

I was told an option was an acrylic coating, it might be good for 10 years, but that is very expensive and a pro must do it.

Re: Metal roof help needed - CLETUS - 11-02-2015

I had my barn roof painted a few years ago. I can't remember what they used, I want to say it was a copper based something... It looked good for 2 years, now the rust is starting to show through. I talked to a local farmer, he said 5-7 years is about as good as it gets.

Re: Metal roof help needed - bgosh - 11-02-2015

I think in the mobile home industry they may have something that may help.Just kind of thinking out loud , may be something to look into. Stan

Re: Metal roof help needed - SIS - 11-02-2015

Try truck bed liner. I've used it on some problem outdoor metal projects and it has become my go to rusty metal primer. A couple of coats of that and a top coat of quality outdoor paint should hold up pretty well.

Re: Metal roof help needed - whatline - 11-02-2015

Sherwin Williams has an industrial coating. Very expensive. Rust oleum makes a rust off inhibiting primer. Goggle weather barrier and try unifiex ..not sure about that one. The SW and rust oleum are strictly paint type products. The others have more body. Prep work is critical and remember coatings don't fix roof leaks

Re: Metal roof help needed - gMike - 11-02-2015

This is a half-baked idea but here goes. How about the rust converter stuff that stabilizes rust and then a coat of paint or whatever? The idea being to stop the rust where it is and then apply some type of weather-proof coating.

Re: Metal roof help needed - Robert Adams - 11-02-2015

Sandblast them then paint with urethane paint. Or pull it off and have it blasted and galvanized again.

Or the best solution... Pull it off sell it to a decorator then buy new roofing with a better coating. The galvanized stuff doesn't seem to last as well as the regular colored stuff. Hidden fastener standing seam look roofing can be had for just over $1 sqft.

Re: Metal roof help needed - tomsteve - 11-03-2015

rust never sleeps. cover the rust and its still there waiting and very well could be awake just not seen.
theres a jillion snake oil remedies marketed to go over rust, convert rust,stop rust,etc. its a temporary solution. they dont work. removal of rust is the best way to go.