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Bookcase - display cabinet - Chataigner - 05-13-2016

Reposted from "power tools" where I originally put it by mistake.

I'm about to embark on a major project to construst a bookcase/display cabinet in the style of Greene and Greene (turn of the century up to 1920's in the USA - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greene_and_Greene). Some may remember the media cabinet I built last year in the same style. This one is a LOT bigger.

Here is a rather crude illustration of what I'm aiming for - it will live here in this passage between the kitchen and the sitting room at Rue-Darnet.

The curious looking thing below the bookcase is the small table that I forgot to remove before taking the photo of the background !!

It will be built in oak - I'm about to go and buy it from my local sawmill, with ebony details such as the plugs and handles.

Here is the nearest I ever get to a working drawing... ops:

The two different versions of the door were for discussion, and we settled on the RH version. Authentic ? i hope so, take a look at the Gamble House built by Greene and Greene : http://gamblehouse.org/interior/

I've just cleared the trailer of rubbish from the restoration project so I can go collect some nice locally felled white oak...

Re: Bookcase - display cabinet - jteneyck - 05-13-2016

That looks like a great project. Look forward to seeing progress as it occurs. Always great to see your work, and others from the other side of the pond.


Re: Bookcase - display cabinet - Joel H. - 05-13-2016

Absolutely can't wait to see your version - always enjoy your work. The restoration was a massive project, I'm sure this will be more fun.


Re: Bookcase - display cabinet - Guest - 05-13-2016

How are you going to get it to levitate like the one in the photo?

Re: Bookcase - display cabinet - Ken Vick - 05-13-2016

Beautiful design. G & G is my favorite style. I look forward to posts on the build. Ken

Re: Bookcase - display cabinet - Ron Brese - 05-13-2016

They make really strong monofilament these days Hank.

Sorry my friend I couldn't resist,


Re: Bookcase - display cabinet - rwe2156 - 05-14-2016

On the wood, quartersawn, I presume?

If you've never used it, caution the grain can switch directions in a moments notice!

Be sure to read the grain direction for everything you do tear out is a huge issue especially on your panel glue ups you don't want the grain direction alternating. I learned the hard way don't forget this when launching forward in a glue up!!

Just finished a tool chest in QSWO and learned a lot (the hard way) about this.

A scraper is your best friend with WO.

Good luck on your project.

Re: Bookcase - display cabinet (first steps) - Chataigner - 05-15-2016

At last some progress !
The last few weeks have seen a short holiday in La Rochelle for Isabelle's birthday, construction of two table extensions - here gluing on the breadboard ends prior to cutting tongues and grooves the full length to marry up with the table :

and - the most time consuming - work on a wall to close off our front courtyard. I had applied for planning permission (we are in a conservation area) which was granted, but had not got around to building it. Then realised in early april that the permit was about to run out, hence a rapid start. None of these things conducive to progress on the cabinet.

Anyhow... it's beeen raining for a couple of days, so no progress on the wall, but some progress on milling up the timber :

These are going to be the four 2m high corner uprights, currently 100x30, due to be ripped to 2x 50x30 and glued up to 50x60 before final sizing.

These are some of the horizontal members :

And these some of the side pieces and some bits for the doors :

I realised while milling up the 2m long corner posts that the design is very vulnerable to any bowing of these, so have decided to add a central cross member in the sides hidden behind the floating panel, and to integrate the central shelf into the structure as a brace for the front (the others will be adjustable). Feels a bit more secure !!

Re: Bookcase - display cabinet (first steps) - Martin S. - 05-15-2016

How is the next door house renovation coming along?

I might have missed a thread on that.

It looked like that was going to be a big job, but I think we would love to see some before and after pics.

I always enjoy your posts.

Re: Bookcase - display cabinet (first steps) - Ken Vick - 05-15-2016

Hi David

I like your adjustable length clamp. I don't think I have ever seen hardware to make one like yours. Is the hardware only available in Europe? Ken