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RE: Errors - CraigPig - 07-22-2016

Thanks to another member, I figured it out. The checkbox for political posts is visible only in the Woodnet board style, not the Default. Nevertheless, the political post checkbox wasn't working correctly. It wasn't blocking political posts, but instead blocking certain members.

RE: Errors - Bitterdose - 07-22-2016

Registered yesterday 07/21/16.  I'm still waiting on the email with the link to confirm.

RE: Errors - ladybug - 07-22-2016

Been trying since mon to log in using old id and get sent to email/password site.
req. email many times to register..nada. Finally figured out how to re-register using
a new user name and still not activated? no email. Confused
 Formerly: Justus Traut

RE: Errors - nicobie - 07-22-2016

What happened to everybody's location info?

Anyway to get a preview when mousing over a topic?

I appreciate the effort, but the new software isn't as good as what we had.

RE: Errors - Fred Kingston - 07-22-2016

There's an issue with the Gump bin.

Clicking on any of the references to it, produces a SQL error.

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 07-22-2016

What location info are you referring to?  And what is the gump bin? Are you still having problems with it?

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 07-22-2016

If you are still waiting on the email, then you will want to try resetting your password again and checking your spam, because it might have gone there. If that doesn't work, PM me.

RE: Errors - skizzo - 07-22-2016

(07-22-2016, 06:19 PM)sysadmin Wrote: What location info are you referring to?  And what is the gump bin?  Are you still having problems with it?

The location info is from the user's bio, optional, that is displayed to the left under their name, title, post count, etc.  The gump bin is the list of other users that a person may have selected in their preferences to ignore.

RE: Errors - Redman - 07-24-2016

Posted yesterday in a thread and everything, typing, buttons, etc. was placed on the right side of the screen in single file. Of course that made it unreadable unless you copied down each letter and sorted it out. I've seen that happen to someone else also.

RE: Errors - treehouse - 07-24-2016

Can't seem to log in under prior name. Tried to change password, but when asked to enter email address, it states that my email address is entered incorrectly(every time). Had to register under another name to make this reply. (zookeeper prior name)