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RE: Errors - oscarMadison - 07-28-2016

(07-28-2016, 01:19 PM)AHill Wrote: If I accidentally hit quote, then reply, I can't delete the quote.  I can delete the text in the border, but the border still remains.  If I hit quote and then reconsider without posting, and move to an different thread then hit reply, the quote from the previous thread appears. If I quote in the new thread and hit reply, both the quote from the current thread and the quote from the previous thread appear in my reply.  Quotes should only be valid in the current thread.  We should have the ability to delete a quote (or its border) if not used in the reply.

I can delete the border.
deleting the border try: Once you have deleted everything inside force the cursor outside of the box then backspace over it. Also make sure no lines or blanks, carriage returns are on the inside. Also might try starting the upper left and just hold the delete key down until everything is gone and see what happens.

When you reconsider on the quote are you hitting the quote button a second time to uncheck it? The way it currently works is if you don't uncheck it it will grab all items that you have checked for quoting. That way you can quote more then one person in a reply and reply appropriately.

alternatively on the deleting the border.  If you can't get rid of it look to the upper right corner of the text box.   There is an icon of a page with the upper right corner gone.  Click on this, it will show source code.  You should see something like below only it will have square brackets around it instead of the parenthesis I used.  Delete all that stuff and the borders should be gone.

(quote='users name' pid='7326007' dateline='1469625269')


RE: Errors - cputnam - 07-28-2016

The little green arrow takes me to the last post, but nothing thereafter. Scrolling down from there yields the entire thread. Next oldest and newest change threads. So, without reading the entire thread over, yet again, how do I see what was posted since I last checked the thread? Think of the Mikiespace thread or any of the Sawstop/Festool threads.

RE: Errors - iclark - 07-28-2016


If you are in flat mode, it jumps to the oldest unread and then the newer ones are in chronological order. You just have no clue who the article was responding to.

In threaded mode, I have not found a way to tell chronological order if they are in different forks.

RE: Errors - cputnam - 07-29-2016

Figured that out. Now I'm busy trying change everything back to Linear mode - which is what we had with the old software. Thanks for the response.

RE: Errors - ESandvik - 08-05-2016

I was unable to edit profile until I switched to the default profile. The profile I actually got as default was the mobile profile.  The mobile profile birthday privacy dropdown box is not working so that is the reason I could not save my profile changes.

RE: Errors - iclark - 08-06-2016

Hovering over the Reply button still gives the "Quote this message in reply" button definition.

RE: Errors - Robert Adams - 08-10-2016

Posts are sometimes showing up hours or days after they are posted. Right now there was a reply to his post by the original poster.   https://forums.woodnet.net/showthread.php?tid=7297587&page=2

         It shows there was a reply aand it's at the top of the list in home improvement but his post does not show up. At least not yet anyway. Seems to be allot of lag in posts showing up overall and some show up out of order due to the delay.

RE: Errors - EricU - 08-15-2016

weirdness about multi-page threads.  Not sure what is going on in this thread:
I show as the last post on the forum level, but not in the thread

RE: Errors Posting Pics - bobburk - 08-31-2016

Forgive me in advance if this has already been brought up.  I keep getting a MyBB Sql error every time I try to attach a pic.  Do we still have to use an online pic host?


RE: Errors - sysadmin - 08-31-2016

I see the problem, and I've got the fix for it. I can't fix it tonight though, but I will tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.