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RE: Errors - Wipedout - 07-18-2016

Will you be removing the limits on PMs? Hate to loose them

RE: Errors - MsNomer - 07-18-2016

Mobile version doesn't work on my iPhone. Everything I try to link to says no secure link to server.

I'm on the iPad now and can't for the life of me figure out where the sub forums are. I see random posts from various areas, including political which I had blocked, but no list.

OK, I found the list so I'm good on the iPad. I like the clean look.

RE: Errors - goaliedad - 07-18-2016

visitors can see off topic? by design or error?

RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-18-2016

Can we set the message limit higher? I really don't want to go delete messages. Besides, they don't take up much space.

I'm seeing funkiness related to last post shown versus what is actually in the thread. I assume that will shake out over time.

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 07-18-2016

Thanks, that was by error.  It is fixed now so that guest users cannot see the off-topic forum.

RE: Errors - jteneyck - 07-18-2016

(07-18-2016, 04:52 PM)sysadmin Wrote: The ssl errors should be fixed now.  We are working on importing the handtools and finishing data.  This takes a lot of time though.

The "Quote" response doesn't work for me. 


RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-18-2016

Threaded mode seems whacked. Viewing a thread in linear mode shows 9 posts. Viewing in threaded mode shows 1.

Linear mode does not show to which post, the next in line is responding. It makes thoughts difficult to collect in some threads. Threaded mode would clear up the confusion, but doesn't seem to work. At least on a sample of one thread. Smile

RE: Errors - Mags® - 07-18-2016

(07-18-2016, 05:45 PM)jteneyck Wrote: The "Quote" response doesn't work for me. 


You have to hit the quote button first, then the reply button.  It allows you to quote multiple people.

RE: Errors - Martin S. - 07-18-2016

It looks like some threads in the basement, and perhaps other places were truncated after the first page.

In other words, pages beyond the first page were lost in the transition.

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 07-18-2016

The message limit has been removed.