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RE: Errors - Wipedout - 07-18-2016

(07-18-2016, 05:54 PM)sysadmin Wrote: The message limit has been removed.

Thank you - all the messages are in the inbox -  sent is empty - all sent is in inbox

Personally that doesnt matter but just FYI

RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-18-2016

(07-18-2016, 08:03 PM)jonas b Wrote: Do you know how to allow Private messages?? 



Under the words "Welcome back" below the woodnet logo is a button for "user CP", User Control panel. In the control panel panel in the left column, look for the heading "Your Profile". In that section, click the gear, "edit Options". Inside that panel, you have all your options. Turn on what you want.

RE: Errors - skizzo - 07-18-2016

Editing my user profile says "Need to select a valid Birthday Privacy mode" or similar. Clicking on the Birthday Privacy box says "No Options" that can be selected. So apparently can't edit the profile. Working on an iPad, not a computer.

RE: Errors - jteneyck - 07-18-2016

(07-18-2016, 05:46 PM)Mags® Wrote: You have to hit the quote button first, then the reply button.  It allows you to quote multiple people.

Thanks.  Is there a users' manual somewhere to learn these things?


RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-18-2016

I might start here, but its more geared to admin.


RE: Errors - Steve N - 07-18-2016

I can clearly see numbers for other pages on this thread, however many threads in Woodworking Power equipment I am just seeing the first page, and don't see numbers for additional pages at the bottom. A few of them were good debates, instruction, and thoughts. It would be a shame to have those posts fall off. I haven't looked at other groups as of this message, so not sure if it is just power tools.

RE: Errors - skizzo - 07-18-2016

That's what I was wondering, too. I suspect the threads and posts are there, but the "Next Page" or page number buttons are missing to be able to navigate to them. My posts per page is set to 20, so I only see the first 20 posts in a thread with no following pages.

RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-18-2016

Well, the "Recipes" thread has page buttons and about 300 posts. Last one was Janus on 6/30/16

Something is certainly flakey though.

RE: Errors - skizzo - 07-18-2016

When I view the forums, threads, and posts as a guest (not logged in), they display in normal view mode with columns of topics, # replies, # views, last poster, etc. As soon as I login, all that display goes away and all I see are single lines with the forum/thread title and way over to the right a link that says "Last ->". Just one line for each entire forum/thread, no formatting at all, nor any data about the thread. The same thing happens on both a Mac and on an iPad.

RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-18-2016

Private message notifications don't seem to work. I've turned them on in the CP, but get no notification. Neither pop up nor e-mail.

Bill, that means I just replied to your posts. Smile