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RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-19-2016

Yet, you perpetuate the error by re-posting the same on the open internet. Please edit your post to remove.

RE: Errors - iclark - 07-19-2016

As long as the software merges my reply to one article in a thread with another article in a thread (because no one else posted in between), threading has no prayer of ever working correctly.

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 07-19-2016

(07-19-2016, 04:01 PM)Mr_Mike Wrote: Google drive doesn't seem to work.  Photobucket is working.  

Drive link...


Seems vintage multi-page threads are working.  The Mikiespace thread correctly shows 395 posts and has multiple pages now.

Google Drive shareable links won't work because they aren't actually links that go directly to the image; they are links that go to a page that shows very little else besides the image.  The image that you have at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MMvAhHQbGGaEeJcM_wzyESUjf6BPGcADIg/view?usp=sharing is actually located at a temporary url that is created dynamically on page load, such as https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/coQWWgnpSCEtZThJaSq8TK8N8RBw29jG7RKRFVZckhFZXq9WRpR527hXYOJ-sf1Pu6ZiWz5HPZgKP26tsjFUrg=w1877-h297.  Google Drive does provide a method of embedding images externally though; just use this format:
, where folderID is the long string of characters in the url of the shareable link.  See this page for reference: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10311092/displaying-files-e-g-images-stored-in-google-drive-on-a-website.  Or just go with Photobucket or something else.

RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-19-2016

Thanks, I'll check that out. Now, if you will kindly kill the post above with all our e-mail addresses it would be quite appreciated.

Darn, you're fast!

RE: Errors - Juss1 - 07-19-2016

Hmm.  I'm having problems posting pics as well.


RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-19-2016

Low on the list of repairs...

Avatars: software says it will accept 100x100 pixels. Pictures resize to 58 x 37. Grandfathered avatars apparently have different size rules and I'm not suggesting killing those. In today's world, avatars reasonably larger than 100x100 would be nice, but at least get us up to 100x100.

RE: Errors - doobes - 07-19-2016

Do Youtube images no longer display?

RE: Errors - Mr_Mike - 07-19-2016

Can you see that video? Did you turn on videos in the control panel?

RE: Errors - doobes - 07-19-2016

(07-19-2016, 08:20 PM)Mr_Mike Wrote:

Can you see that video?  Did you turn on videos in the control panel?

Yes. Evidently...

I'm still curious that some images without https show and others don't....

None of my images are going to display Sad

Might as well take them off the server.

RE: Errors - Just_Dave - 07-19-2016

Interesting. I select quote to quote a problem that Skizzo reported last night that does not appear to be answered. I am having the exact same problem. 2 different browsers on PC and my iPad. When I review the post the quote does not show so here is what he posted last night.

"When I view the forums, threads, and posts as a guest (not logged in), they display in normal view mode with columns of topics, # replies, # views, last poster, etc. As soon as I login, all that display goes away and all I see are single lines with the forum/thread title and way over to the right a link that says "Last ->". Just one line for each entire forum/thread, no formatting at all, nor any data about the thread. The same thing happens on both a Mac and on an iPad."

Anyone have a solution for this?