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Sorby Turnmaster Set - David Delo - 08-04-2016

Robert Sorby Turnmaster set. Set of HSS cutters (square, point, teardrop and 2 round) and set of carbide cutters with all the tools to change the cutters plus a holder to sharpen the bits. Light use and still in excellent condition. 
Sell for $145.00 shipped to lower 48. PayPal

RE: Sorby Turnmaster Set - Arlin Eastman - 08-04-2016


Is that the tool for hollowing?

RE: Sorby Turnmaster Set - David Delo - 08-04-2016

Not necessarily just for hollowing although you can hollow with it. The bar has a flat on the bottom so it let's you get a little further off the tool rest with a little better stability. This is sort or like the EWT except you change the profile of the cutter you want. Where it's different from the EWT style tools is that you can rotate the tool head out of the traditional scraping mode and put it in a shear scraping mode. Sorby has a few different videos of it various operations on the web, just google it to see it in action.

RE: Sorby Turnmaster Set - David Delo - 08-25-2016

Let's try $125.00 shipped CONUS.

RE: Sorby Turnmaster Set - David Delo - 08-26-2016

Sold pending payment