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Bosch fridge repair - Bruno - 08-15-2016

Icemaker and water dispenser stopped working on my over-priced Bosch fridge.  Replace the water valve, that's not it.  No lines frozen, that's not it.  Bosch help line says only other possibility is the control board is fried.  So I order a control board and now I can't get the back off the fridge.

Probably had 36 screws on the panel and I've removed them all.  Feels like there's a foam backing, but I can't even get a knife blade in between the panel and frame to try and pry it off.  I even used a couple of dent puller suction cups and all that did was drag the fridge around the kitchen.

Bosch help line says call a qualified service repairman.  My house is not at the end of the world, but you can see it from there and it's cheaper to haul the fridge to the dump than it is to get a service call.  Any ideas?

[Image: bosch1_0454_zpsafmq22xo.jpg][Image: bosch2_0455_zpseqre0kg1.jpg][Image: bosch3_0456_zpsruga0nsj.jpg]

RE: Bosch fridge repair - goaliedad - 08-15-2016

Have you tried searching you tube and the how to appliance parts sites for a video? What model is the fridge?

RE: Bosch fridge repair - MarkSingleton - 08-15-2016


 need the model number first.

RE: Bosch fridge repair - Bruno - 08-16-2016



RE: Bosch fridge repair - bottd - 08-16-2016

On my Kenmore Elite side by side the main control board is located in a plastic enclosure, very similar to a small cheap first aid kit. Standing in front of the refrigerator the box is mounted inside on the right side, all the way near the back just a few inches above the floor outside of the refrigerated area. Access is gained by removing the pressboard(?) cover from the back that gives access to the compressor and compressor fan.

If you google your model number one of the first hits is sears part center with some rough parts diagrams, best I can tell the mounting of the main control boards in your Bosch is similar to my Kenmore. No need to remove the complete back.


RE: Bosch fridge repair - daddo - 08-16-2016

Never had to remove a back for access. I agree, it is most likely somewhere else more convenient.

RE: Bosch fridge repair - Robert Adams - 08-16-2016

Yup never seen a fridge that you remove the back on because the condenser coils are encased there. Pretty much all repairs ate done from the inside which means taking apart the fridge Interior. 

     I have found it best not to buy those overpriced ones as well. They all have the same llifespan so why spend 2 to 3x just to keep up with the jonses.

RE: Bosch fridge repair - Bruno - 08-16-2016

Well, that was easy. After dissembling the interior wall to access the control panel and a series of process of elimination checks, my Hull Tech buddy determined that the tenant, when changing the water filter, left the old filter seal intact and the lack of a tight seal prevented the IWD from working.

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