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Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - Philip1231 - 08-20-2016

Thinking about a Laguna 14 12 bandsaw.  I need something that will do a good job at resawing while minimizing space consumed 
in my shop.  The 13" actual resaw capacity would seem to be more than adequate.  Would equip with the Laguna Resaw King blade. 

RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - Mr Eddie - 08-20-2016

I have 14-12.  I've always felt that I received a bandsaw kit as opposed to a working bandsaw.  I am happy with the way it cuts now but it took time to work thru some problems.  It arrived with a table that wasn't even close to flat.  Laguna sent a new one.  The machining on the table is the worst of all the machines I own.  The fence is terrible.  If you loosen the screw enough to move the fence the slop (play) makes it impossible to make fine adjustments.  I suppose I could buy a Driftmaster fence but that's another $400.  The screw is also too long to allow opening the bottom door without moving the fence.  The throat plate is so tight you have to force it out.

It does cut well.  I have a Resaw King blade on it and I can slice very thin, very consistent pieces.  The blade aligned easy and stays in alignment.  However, this is not the saw to get if you want to resaw.  It is under powered for any significant piece of wood.  4-6" wide is o.k. but you're not going to enjoy resawing a 10" wide piece of maple.

If I was doing it over, I would spend more money and get the 14" SUV with the Driftmaster fence.  But that doubles the price of the 14-12.  Not saying I don't like my 14-12 but it is the wrong saw if you primarily want to resaw wide boards.

I don't know where you're located - I'm in Columbus, Ohio - you are welcome to stop by and try one out before you buy one.


RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - Philip1231 - 08-20-2016

Lonnie: thanks for the comprehensive reply.  I hate buying new power tools:  it requires all kinds of setup and new learning curves: I have little patience.  
The Laguna 1412 had glowing reviews, and seemed to have the features I wanted: primarily the ability to resaw up to 13".  I don't want to buy a "project", just 
a tool that will get the job done. You have given me reason to rethink this particular model. Again, appreciate the input.

RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - nvrkjoyce - 08-20-2016

I went exactly in your direction and got a Laguna 14" for resawing.    While the price is a bit up there, well worth it. Why do I say that?  I was resawing alot of exotic hardwood on my 14" Delta with a r1/2" resaw blade from Highland, one other place. I would get too much drift. As I make exotic boxes with this type wood, I could not have drift. 
1" King resawmblade from Laguna - good bye drift. 

I have never regreted it and it has paid off handsomely. Go for it. You will love it. Anyone say you're crazay with a 1" resaw blade - ignore 'em


RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - Philip1231 - 08-20-2016

Interesting: I thought the 1412 was limited to 3/4" max blade width. Would have never even considered a wider blade: good to know.

RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - AgGEM - 08-20-2016

SUV with the Driftmaster:

<img src="http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo177/stevansweeney/100_04712_zpsb58e9c28.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 100_04712_zpsb58e9c28.jpg"/>

<img src="http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo177/stevansweeney/100_0304_zps7312f661.jpg" border="0" alt="Driftmaster Mount.1 photo 100_0304_zps7312f661.jpg"/>

Food for thought.

RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - jteneyck - 08-20-2016

Did you see the videos Dave Diaman recently posted with a 14SUV.  Very impressive.  I nearly bought that saw but finally decided on the Grizzly G0636X and have no regrets.  But it's a much larger, heavier and more expensive saw.  I'm sure I would have been happy with the 14SUV with a good carbide resaw blade on it, but not one wider than the saw is rated for.  The 14SUV was recently being discounted several hundred dollars.  

If you want a new saw for resawing and veneer, I'd move up to the 14SUV, and I'd forget the Driftmaster.  It's completely unnecessary if you set the saw up properly. 


RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - Mr Eddie - 08-20-2016

Every time I see your BS I want to kick mine to the curb and start over . . .  what a nice piece!


I'd like a Driftmaster to be able to make very small adjustments and to reliably return to a previous setup.  My feelings are similar to yours when it comes to drift - shouldn't have any - if you do there is a problem.


RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - Philip1231 - 08-20-2016

I can tell already: you guys are going to cost me  a lot of money. Price creep has set in.

RE: Laguna 14 12 Bandsaw: Thoughts? - TomFromStLouis - 08-21-2016

I think that when it comes to band saws, bigger is better and you often get what you pay for, a recipe for price creep if ever there was one. Good luck in your search. I know the feelings you are having. For what it is worth, years ago I ended a similar search with a Minimax and am happy.

Poke around long enough and you are likely to hear bad things about nearly any big machine. Stretch your budget as much as you can, a killer band saw is an incredibly useful thing.