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Old dovetail jig - toolmiser - 09-03-2016

Don't know if this has any value?  It's unmarked, and I've never used it.  It has some age, but not real old.  I can remove the wood to make it smaller and lighter.  We will try to get a decent shipping rate (if that is possible)  Let me know if you have interest and we will work from there.  No need to commit.  Just cleaning up the shop.  I think $5.00 plus shipping might be fair.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: sf9v00.jpg]

[Image: 30a96k6.jpg]

[Image: 33krlau.jpg]

RE: Old dovetail jig - toolmiser - 09-04-2016

Kind of what I figured. I thought the fingers were very close together, would take some playing around with it to get it to work.