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Woodworking Tools - PO woodworks - 09-11-2016

For Sale are a New/never been installed Veritas 24" twin Screw Vice with Cover Kits. $220 plus actual shipping
and a New Forrest Chopmaster 12" 80 teeth blade 1" hole.still has the protective wax on it.$125 plus actual shipping from 94015.
Pete O
paypal preferred and ships to US only.

[Image: 00y0y_9sKlhmLIDzN_1200x900.jpg]

[Image: 00o0o_6UtBRnCQ2UC_1200x900.jpg]

[Image: 00m0m_fG3YjYPcsda_1200x900.jpg]

RE: Woodworking Tools - bobburk - 09-12-2016

What would shipping be to 77339? Also you need to go into your control panel settings and enable PM's.

RE: Woodworking Tools - PO woodworks - 09-12-2016

Ok setting set to received pm thanks. I'm at work right now and I'll pm you shipping cost later